Verbs that start with pu

Here is a list of verbs that start with PU.

publicized, publicizing, publish, published, publishes

publishing, puckered, puckering, puff, puffed

puffing, puffs, pull, pulled, pulling

pulls, pulsating, pulse, pulsed, pulsing

pulverized, pulverizing, pummeled, pump, pumped

pumping, punch, punched, punching, punctuated

punctured, puncturing, punish, punished, punishes

punishing, punnished, punted, pupated, pupates

purchase, purchased, purchases, purchasing, purge

purged, purges, purging, purified, purify

purifying, purled, purling, purloined, purpling

purport, purported, purporting, purports, purposed

purring, pursed, pursue, pursued, pursues

pursuing, push, pushed, pushes, pushing

put, puts, putt, putted, puttering

putting, puzzle, puzzled, puzzling

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