Verbs that start with ba

Here is a list of verbs that start with BA.

babbiting, babbled, back, backed, backing

backs, backstitch, bade, badgering, baffle

baffled, bag, bagged, bailing, baited

bake, baked, bakes, baking, balance

balanced, balancing, balked, balking, balks

balled, balling, ballooning, ban, bandaged

banded, banding, bang, banged, banging

bangs, banish, banished, banishes, banishing

banked, banking, bankrupt, banks, banned

bans, bantered, bantering, baptized, bar

barbecue, barbecued, barbed, bare, bargaining

bargains, barge, bargen, barging, bark

barred, barrel, barricade, barring, bars

base, based, bases, basing, basked

basking, basting, bat, bathe, bathed

bathing, bats, batted, battered, battering

batting, battle, battling, bawled, bawling


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