Verbs ending in e

This page lists verbs that end with E. Several types of verbs may be included such as linking verbs. These verbs ending in E might be particularly helpful to college students taking classes toward a degree, teachers, people writing reports, and those looking for an online reference site about verbs.

abide, abuse, accede, accelerate, accentuate, accommodate, accumulate, accuse, ache, achieve, acknowledge, acquiesce, acquire, activate, actuate, adduce, adhere, adjudicate, admire, adore, advance, adventure, advertise, advise, advocate, aerate, age, agglomerate, aggravate, agitate, agree, alienate, allege, alleviate, allocate, alternate, amaze, amortize, amuse, analyze, angle, annihilate, announce, antagonize, anticipate, apologize, appease, appraise, appreciate, appropriate, approve, approximate, arbitrate, argue, arise, arose, arouse, arrange, arrive, arrogate, articulate, ascribe, aspire, assemble, assimilate, associate, assume, assure, ate, atone, attribute, authenticate, authorize, automate, avenge, average, awake, awoke.

bade, baffle, bake, balance, barbecue, bare, barge, barricade, base, bathe, battle, became, become, begrudge, beguile, behave, believe, besiege, betide, beware, bide, birdie, bite, blame, blaze, bore, borne, bounce, brace, brave, breathe, bribe, bridge, bristle, broke, bruise, brynge.

buckle, budge, bulldoze, bundle, burne, bye, cable, calculate, came, camouflage, canoe, capitalize, capture, care, caricature, carve, cascade, case, catchee, catechize, categorize, cause, cauterize, cease, celebrate, chafe, challenge, chance, chandelle, change, characterize, charge, chase, cheere, chide, choke, choose, chose, christsake, chuckle, circle, circulate, cite, close, clothe, coalesce, code, coerce, cohere, coincide, collaborate, collapse, combine, come, commemorate, commence, comminge, commiserate, commune, communicate, communize, commute, compare, compensate, compete, compile, complete, complicate, compose, comprise, compromise, compute, concede, conceive, concentrate, conciliate, conclude, condense, confide, confine, confuse, congratulate, congregate, conjure, connote, conserve, consolidate, conspire, constitute, construe, consume, contaminate, contemplate, continue, contribute, contrive, converge, converse, convince, cooperate, coordinate, cope, core, correlate, corroborate, corrode, coste, counterbalance, counterchallenge, crane, crave, create, cremate, criticize, crumble, crystallize, culminate, cultivate, cumulate, cure, curse, damage, dance, dangle, dare, date, dazzle, debate, deceive, decelerate, decide, declare, decline, decompose, decorate, decrease, deduce, define, degrade, dehumanize, delegate, delivre, delude, democratize, demonstrate, demoralize, demythologize, denote, denounce, deplore, depose, deprive, derive, derogate, describe, deserve, designate, desire, despise, deteriorate, determine, detribalize, devastate, deviate, devise, devote, diagnose, dice, dictate, die, differentiate, diffuse, dilate, dine, disable, disabuse, disaffiliate, disagree, disapprove, disassemble, disbelieve, discharge, discipline, disclose, discontinue, discorporate, discourage, discourse, discriminate, disengage, disentangle, disguise, disintegrate, dislike, dislodge, dispense, disperse, displace, dispose, disprove, dispute, disrobe, dissolve, dissuade, distribute, dive, divide, divorce, dodge, dole, dominate, donate, done, double, downgrade, drahve, dramatize, drewe, drive, drove, druncke, duplicate, dwindle, ease, economize, edge, educate, effecte, effectuate, effloresce.

elaborate, elapse, eliminate, emancipate, embezzle, embrace, emerge, emphasize, emulate, enable, encircle, encourage, endorse, endure, enforce, engage, enhance, enlarge, enslave, ensue, ensure, entitle, enunciate, epitomize, equalize, equate, eradicate, erase, escape, estimate, eulogize, evacuate, evade, evaluate, evaporate, eventuate, evidence, evoke, evolve, exaggerate, examine, exasperate, exchange, excite, exclude, excoriate, excuse, execute, exercise, exonerate, exorcise, experience, expire, explode, explore, expose, expunge, extemporize, extenuate, exterminate, extrapolate, extricate, fabricate, face, facilitate, fade, fake, fascinate, faze.

feature, federalize, fete, fetishize.

figure, filde, file, finance, fine, fire, flake, flame, flee, forbade, forbore, forborne, force, foregone, foresee, forgave, forgive, formalize, formulate, forsake, frame, fraternize, free, freeze, froze, frustrate, fulminate, fuse, gamble, game, garage, gave, gaze, generalize, generate, gentle, germinate, gimme, give, glamorize, glance, glare, glaze, glide, glimpse, glue, gone, gonne, gouge, graduate, grapple, graze, grimace, grope, grumble, guarantee, guide, guzzle, handle, hate, heare, heave, hesitate, hibernate, hide, hike, hire, hobble, hole, home, homogenize, hope, house, hove, humanize, humble, hurdle, hustle, hypothesize, idle, idolize, ignite, ignore, illuminate, illumine, illustrate, imagine, imbibe, imitate, impinge, implore, impose, improve, improvise, impute, inactivate, incarnate, incise, incite, include, incorporate, increase, indicate, induce, indulge, inflame, inflate, influence, infuriate, initiate, innovate, inquire, inspire, instigate, institute, insulate, insure, integrate, intercede, interfere, interpenetrate, intervene, intimidate, introduce, intrude, inure, invade, invalidate, investigate, invite, invoke, involve, iodinate, irrigate, isolate, issue, jeopardize, joke, jostle, judge, keynote.

knite, knoe, knuckle, lacerate, lapse, laze.

lease, leave, lecture, legislate, lemme, liberate, license, lie, like, likee, line, live, localize, locate, lodge, loose, lose, lounge, louse, love, lunge, lure, made, make, manage, manipulate, manufacture, masquerade, massacre, massage, mate, materialize, matriculate, mature, maximize, measure, meddle, meditate, memorize, merge, migrate, mince, mingle, minimize, mistake, misuse, mitigate, mobilize, modernize, monopolize, motivate, move, name, nationalize, navigate, necessitate, negate, negotiate, neutralize, nickname, nolle, nominate, normalize, nose, note, notice, nudge, nurture, obliterate, obscure, observe, obtaine, officiate, ooze, operate, oppose, orate, organize, originate, outface, outline, outrage, overcame, overcome, overdone, overexpose, override, overrode, overtake, owe, pace, package, paddle, page, paide, paie, parade, paralyze, pare, partake, participate, paste, patronize, pause, pave, peddle, penetrate, people, perceive, permeate, perpetuate, persuade, phone, phrase, picture, piece, pile, pillage, place, plague, plane, please, pleasure, plunge, poke, polarize, populate, pose, postpone, postulate, practice, praise, precede, preclude, prejudice, prepare, presage, prescribe, preserve, preside, pressure, presume, presuppose, prevaile, prevayle, price, pride, prize, probe, procrastinate, procure, produce, promise, promote, pronounce, propagate, propitiate, propose, prorate, proscribe, prosecute, prostitute, protrude, prove, provide, provoke, pulse, purchase, purge, pursue, puzzle, quadruple, quibble, quote, race, radiate, raise, rake, ramble, range, rape, rate, rationalize, realize, rearrange, reassemble, reassure, rebuke, recapitulate, recapture, receave, recede, receive, reciprocate, recite, recognize, recommence, reconcile, recreate, rededicate, reduce, reexamine, refinance, refine, refuse, refute, regulate, rehearse, reimburse, reinforce, reiterate, rejoice, relate, release, relieve, relive, remake, remonstrate, remove, reorganize, replace, reproduce, repudiate, require, rescue, resemble, reserve, reside, resolve, restore, resume, retaliate, retire, retrieve, retrograde, reunite, reverence, reverse, revise, revitalize, revive, revolve, rewrite, rhyme, ride, ridicule, riffle, rinse, ripple, rise, rode, romanticize, rose, rotate, rouse, rove, rule, rustle, sacrifice, saddle, salivate, salute, salvage, sample, satiate, sauce, saute, save, scale, scare, schedule, score, scrape, scribe, ‘scuse.

secede, seclude, secure, see, segregate, seize, selle, sense, sentimentalize, separate, serve, service, settle, shade, shake, shame, shape, share, shave, shine, shone, shore, shove, shuffle, shute, sidle, silence, simulate, single, size, sizzle, skate, skindive, slice, slide, smile, smoke, smuggle, socialize, solace, solve, soothe, space, spade, spare, specialize, speculate, spice, spike, spoke, sponge, sprinkle, square, squeeze, stabilize, stage, stake, stampede, stare, startle, starve, state, stave, sterilize, sticle, stifle, stimulate, stipulate, stole, store, straggle, stride, strike, strive, strode, stroke, strove, structure, struggle, stumble, subdue, subjugate, sublimate, subordinate, subscribe, subside, subsidize, substantiate, substitute, sue, suffice, suffuse, summarize, summate, superimpose, supervise, suppose, surge, surmise, surprise, survive, swerve, swore, symbolize, sympathize, synchronize, synthesize, table, tabulate, tackle, take, tame, tangle, taste, tease, telephone, telescope, temporize, terminate, theorize, thinke, thrive, thynke.

tide, tie, time, tipple, tire, toe, tole, tolerate, tone, tooke, topple, tore, tote, trace, trade, trample, transcribe, translate, traverse, tremble, trouble, tumble, tune, turne, type, tyrannize.

underestimate, undergone, underlie, underline, undermine, underrate, underscore, undertake, underwrite, undone, unite, universalize, unscramble, unsee, unsheathe, untie, unwire, update, upgrade, urge, use, utilize, vacate, validate, value, venture, victimize, vindicate, violate, visualize, vocalize, vote, wade, wage, waive, wake, waste, wave, weave, welcome, while, whine, whistle, wipe, wobble, woke, wore, wove, wrestle, write, writhe, wrote, wynne. has many examples of verbs which end in various letters. Hope you enjoy this page of verbs ending with e and the rest of this verb list site.

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