Verbs ending in s

This page lists verbs that end with S. Several types of verbs may be included such as linking verbs. These verbs ending in S might be particularly helpful to college students taking classes toward a degree, teachers, people writing reports, and those looking for an online reference site about verbs.

abides, abounds, absorbs, accentuates, accepts, acclaims, accommodates, accompanies, accomplishes, accords, accounts, accrues, accumulates, accuses, aches, achieves, acknowledges, acquires, acts, address, addresses, adds, adheres, adjoins, adjourns, adjusts, administers, admires, admits, adopts, adores, adorns, adsorbs, advances, advertises, advises, aerates, affects, affirms, affords, aggravates, agonizes, agrees.

aids, aims, alerts, alienates, allows, alludes, alters.

amass, amounts, analyzes, announces, annoys, answers, anticipates, appeals, appears, applies, appoints, appreciates, approaches, appropriates, approves, arches, argues, arises, arouses, arranges, arrives, ascribes, asks, aspires, assaults, asserts, assess, assigns, associates, assumes, assures, attaches, attacks, attains, attempts, attends, attracts, attributes, augurs, authorizes, avoids, awaits, awakens, backs, bakes, balks, bangs, banishes, banks, bans, bargains, bars, bases, bats, bears, beats, beckons, becomes, befits, befuddles, begins, begs, behaves, beholds, behooves, believes, bellows, belongs, belts, bemoans, bends, benefits, besets, bespeaks, betrays, bewilders, binds, bites, blankets, bless, blots, blows, blueprints, blunts, boards, boasts, bodes, bodies, boils, boomerangs, borders, bores, borrows, bothers, bottles, bows, breaks, breathes, bridges, brightens, brings, bristles, broadens, bubbles, bugs, builds, bulks, bulletins, bullies, buries, burns, butts, buys, bypass, calls, cancels, canvass, caps, captures, cares, caress, carries, cascades, castigates, casts, catapults, catches, causes, cautions, ceases, celebrates, censors, centers, certifies, challenges, champions, changes, characterizes, charges, checks, chooses, churns.

cites, claims, clamors, claps, clarifies, class, cleans, clears, clenches, clicks, clings, clobbers, closes, clouds, clucks, clutches, coalesces, codetermines, coincides, collapses, collects, colors, combines, comes, commands, commemorates, commences, commends, comments, commits, commutes, compares, compass, compels, compensates, competes, complains, completes, composes, compounds, compress, compresses, comprises, computes, conceals, concedes, conceives, concentrates, concerns, concludes, concurs, condemns, conducts, confers, confess, confesses, confirms, conflicts, conforms, confronts, confuses, conjures, connects, connotes, conserves, considers, consists, conspires, constitutes, consumes, contacts, contains, contemplates, contends, continues, contracts, contradicts, contrasts, contributes, controls, conveys, cools, cooperates, coordinates, copes, corresponds, corrupts, cosponsors, costs, counts, courts, covers, crackles, cracks, creaks, creates, credits, creeps, cries, crops, cross, crosses, culminates, cultivates, cuts, cycles.

dabbles, damages, dances, dares, dashes, dates, dawns, dazzles, deals, debuts, decays, deceives, decides, declares, declines, decomposes, decreases, decrees, dedicates, deeds, defends, defines, delays, delights, delimits, delivers, demands, demeans, demonstrates, demoralizes, denies, denotes, denounces, departs, depends, deplores, depress, depresses, derives, descends, describes, deserts, deserves, designates, designs, desires, despises, deteriorates, determines, develops, dictates, dies, differs, diffuses, digress, digs, dilates, diminishes, dines, directs, disagrees, disappears, disapproves, disbelieves, discloses, discolors, discovers, discuss, discusses, disdains, disguises, dishes, dislikes, dismiss, dismisses, displaces, displays, disrupts, distinguishes, distributes, divides, dogs, dominates, donates, doubles, drains, dramatizes, draws, dreams, dress, dries, drifts, drinks, drips, drives, drops, drowns, dulls, dwarfs, dwells, earns, eats.


effaces, elaborates, elapses, elevates, elicits, eliminates, eludes, embodies, embraces, emerges, emphasizes, employs, empties, enables, encloses, encompass, encompasses, encounters, encourages, endows, ends, endures, energizes, enforces, engages, engulfs, enhances, enjoys, enlists, ensues, ensures, entails, enters, enthrones, entitles, envisages, envisions, epitomizes.

equals, erects, erupts.

escapes, eschews, espouses, establishes, estimates, evades, evokes, evolves, exacerbates, exacts, examines, exceeds, excels, exclaims, excludes, excuses, exemplifies, exercises, exerts, exhausts, exhibits, exists, exits, expands, expects, experiences, expires, explains, explodes, explores, exposes, express, expresses, extends, extracts, extrapolates, faces, facilitates, factors, fails, falls, falters, fancies, fans, fascinates, fashions, fastens, favors, fears, features, feeds, feels, ‘fess.

fields, fights, figures, files, fills, finds, finishes, fishes, fits, flags, flares, flees, flies, floats, flops, flounders, flourishes, flows, fluctuates, fluoresces, focus, focuses, follows, forbids, forces, forms, forsakes, forswears, fosters, fractures, frees, freezes, frowns, fuels, fulfills, functions, furnishes, fuss, gains, gas, gathers, gazes, generates, gestures, gets, gives, glides, gloats, glories, glorifies, glows, gobbles, goes, governs.

graduates, grinds, grows, guarantees, guess, guides, hails, hampers, handles, hangs, happens, harass, harbors, hates, hauls, haunts, hawks, hazes.

heads, hears, heaves, helps, hesitates, hides, hinders, hinges, hints, hires, hits, holds, honors, hopes, houses, hovers, howls.

hunts, hurts, identifies, ignores, illumines, illustrates, imagines, imitates, imparts, impersonates, implies, imports, imposes, imprecates, impress, impresses, imprisons, improves, improvises, includes, incorporates, increases, incurs, indicates, induces, influences, informs, inheres, inherits, inhibits, initiates, insinuates, insists, inspires, instructs, insures, integrates, intends, interacts, interests, interferes, interpenetrates, interprets, introduces, intrudes, invades, investigates, invests, invites, involves, irritates.

issues, itches, jeers, jogs, joins, jokes, jumps, junks, keeps, kicks, kids, kills, kiss, kisses, kneels, knocks, knows, knuckles.

labels, labors, lacks, lags, lands, laps, lapses, lasts, latches, laughs, launches, lays, leads, leans, leaps, learns, leases, leaves, lends, lessens, lets, let’s, levels, lies, lifts, lightens, lights, likes, limits, limps, lines, lingers, listens, lists, lives, longs, looks, looms, loops, loosens, loses, loves, lurks.

magnifies, maintains, makes, manages, mans, manufactures, marches, markets, marks, marries, mars, masquerades, mass, matches, matters, maximizes, means, measures, meets, mentions, merges, merits, mess, migrates, milks, mingles, minimizes, mirrors, misleads, misperceives, misrepresents, miss, misses, mistakes, mitigates, moans, moderates, modifies, motivates, mounts, moves, multiplies, mutters.

names, narcotizes, narrows, necessitates, needs, neglects, notes, nourishes, numbers, obeys, objects, obscures, observes, obsesses, obtrudes.

occupies, occurs.

offers, omits, opens, operates, opposes, orders, organizes, originates, outclass, outlines, overcomes, overestimates, overlaps, overlooks, overpowers, overreaches, overshoots, owes, owns.

pacifies, paints, parades, parallels, paralyzes, partakes, participates, pass, passes, pauses, pays.

peels, peers, perceives, performs, perishes, permeates, permits, perseveres, persists, personifies, pertains, pervades, petitions, phones, photographs, picks, pictures, piles, piss, places, plans, plays, pleads, pleases, plots, plunges, poaches, points, pokes, pontificates, pops, portrays, poses, possess, possesses, pours, powers.

practices, praises, preaches, precedes, predicts, predominates, prefers, preoccupies, prepares, prescribes, presents, preserves, presides, press, presses, presumes, presupposes, pretends, prevails, prevents, prides, proceeds, process, proclaims, produces, profess, professes, progress, progresses, prohibits, projects, prolongs, promises, promotes, prompts, prophesies, proposes, prospers, protects, protests, proves, provides, provokes, publishes, puffs, pulls, punishes, pupates, purchases, purges, purports, pursues, pushes, puts, qualifies, quarrels, questions, quits, quotes, radiates, rains, raises, rallies, rambles, ranches, ranges, rankles, ranks, rates, rattles, reaches, reacts, reads, reaffirms, realizes, reappears, reasons, rebels, rebuilds, recalls, receives, recess, reckons, recognizes, recommends, reconciles, reconstructs, reconvenes, records, recounts, recovers, recreates, redress, reduces, refers, reflects, refuses, regains, regards, regenerates, registers, regrets, reigns, reimburses, reinforces, reintroduces, reiterates, rejects, rejoices, relates, relaxes, relearns, releases, relies, relieves, relives, remains, remarks, remembers, reminds, reminisces, removes, renders, renews, repeats, repels, replaces, replies, reports, represents, repress, reproaches, reproduces, requests, requires, resembles, reserves, reshapes, resides, resigns, resists, resolves, resounds, respects, responds, restates, restrains, restricts, rests, results, retains, retires, returns, reveals, reverses, reviews, revolves, rewrites, rides, rings, rises, rivets.

roars, robs, rocks, rolls, rotates, rots, ruffles, rules, rumbles, runs, rushes, sanctions, saps, satirizes, satisfies, saves, says.

scales, scans, scatters, scrapes, seals, searches, seeks, seems, sees, selects, sells, sends, senses, separates, serves, services, sets, settles, shakes, shapes, shares, shatters, sheds, shies, shifts, shines, shocks, shouts, shows, shrinks, shuns, shuts, sidesteps, signalizes, signals, signifies, signs, simplifies, sings, sits, sketches, skins, skips, skirts, slaps, sleeps, slips, slouches, smacks, smells, smiles, smokes, smolders, snatches, sneaks, sneers, snowballs, snows, socializes, softens, solicits, solidifies, solos, solves, sounds, sours, spans, spares, sparkles, sparks, speaks, specializes, specifies, speeds, spells, spends, spies, spills, splashes, splits, sponsors, sports, spotlights, spreads, springs, spurns, squirms, stabilizes, stains, stakes, stands, starts, states, stays, steals, stems, steps, sticks, stiffens, stimulates, stipulates, stirs, stops, straightens, strengthens, stress, stresses, stretches, strikes, strives, struggles, studies, stumbles, subdues, subjects, submits, substantiates, subtends, succeeds, sues, suffers, suggests, suits, summarizes, sums, superimposes, supervises, supplies, supports, supposes, suppress, surpass, surveys, survives, suspects, sustains.

swears, switches, swivels, swoops, symbolizes, synthesizes, takes, talks, tastes, teaches, teems, tells, tempts, tends, terminates, terms, terrifies, testifies, tests, thickens, thinks, threatens, thrives, throws, thrusts, ties, tilts, times, tires, tops, tortures, toss, totals, touches, towers, toys.

traces, trades, trains, transcends, transfers, transforms, translates, transmits, transports, traps, travels, treats, trembles, tries, trusts, turns, undergoes, underlies, underpins, understands, understates, undertakes, unfolds, unifies, unites, unloads, unlocks, upsets, urges, uses, utilizes, values, vanishes, varies, veers, ventilates, vexes, vies, views, violates, visits, visualizes, vitiates, voids, votes, vouchsafes, vows.

waits, wakes, walks, wanders, wants, warms, warns, watches, weakens, wears, weighs, weights, welcomes, whitens, widens, winds, wins, wishes, withstands, witness, wonders, wops, works, worries, worsens, wrenches, wrings, writes, yields.

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