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2 and 3 Letter Combos

Verb list

This website provides various lists of verbs. For example, we have an article with only verbs that start with A, another page of verbs that begin with N, and posts for verbs starting with every other letter of the English alphabet.

You can select the letter you’re interested in with the menu on the left hand side of the page.

This site also contains verb lists ending with a particular letter. Posts like verbs ending in Y are available via the left menu.

There are many types of verbs used on this site, including both regular and irregular verbs, as well as transitive and intransitive verbs, to name a few kinds. The pages may be able to help users with action verbs practice, prepare for a verbs quiz, or even with playing verb games.

If visitors are aware of other verbs which should be added to the appropriate page, they can submit additional words using the comments box on the site’s articles. You can help make verbs1 a better online resource for useful verb information by contributing verbs. You can also help us help more people learn about verbs and find the verb they’re looking for by telling others about the site, citing us as a reference, linking to our posts, and by sharing us with others on social media sites. Thanks, and hope you visit the site again sometime soon.