Verbs ending in w

This page lists verbs that end with W. Several types of verbs may be included such as linking verbs. These verbs ending in W might be particularly helpful to college students taking classes toward a degree, teachers, people writing reports, and those looking for an online reference site about verbs.

allow, bestow, blew, blow, borrow, bow, burrow, chew, draw, drew, endow, eschew, flew, flow, follow, foresaw, glow, gnaw, grew, grow, interview, knew, know, ‘low.

mew, outdrew, outgrow, overshadow, overthrow, paw, plow, renew, review, row, saw, screw, sew, shadow, show, slow, snow, sow, swallow, thaw, threw, throw, unscrew, unthaw, view, wallow, winnow, withdraw, withdrew, yellow, has many examples of verbs which end in various letters. Hope you enjoy this page of verbs ending with w and the rest of this verb list site.