Verbs ending in g

This page lists verbs that end with G. There are two sections below: first, verbs whose root or base form ends in g. After that, the next longer section also included verbs with ing on the end.

Root / Base form verbs ending in G:

dog (as in dogged or dogging)

Longer list of verbs that end with G, most including the ing verb ending:

abandoning, abiding, abounding, absorbing, abstaining, abstracting, accelerating, accepting, accommodating, accompanying, accomplishing, according, accosting, accounting, accruing, accumulating, accusing, achieving, aching, acknowledging, acquiring, acting, activating, adapting, adding, addressing, adjoining, adjourning, adjudging, adjusting, administering, admiring, admitting, admonishing, adopting, advancing, adventuring, advertising, advising, advocating.

affecting, affirming, affording, affronting.

agglutinating, aging, agitating, agreeing, aiding, ailing, aiming, alarming, alerting, aligning, alleging, alleviating, allotting, allowing, alluding, alluring, altering, alternating, ambling, amending, amounting, amplifying, analyzing, anchoring, angling, announcing, answering, anticipating, appealing, appearing, appeasing, applauding, applying, appointing, appraising, appreciating, approaching, appropriating, approving, arching, arguing, arising, arousing, arraigning, arranging, arresting, arriving, ascending, asking, aspiring, assailing, assaulting, assaying, assembling, asserting, assessing, assigning, assisting, associating, assuming, assuring, attaching, attacking, attaining, attempting, attending, attesting, attracting, attributing, auditing, auditioning, augmenting, authorizing, availing, avenging, averaging, averting, avoiding, awaiting, awakening, awarding, babbiting, backing, badgering, bag, bailing, baking, balancing, balking, balling, ballooning, banding, bang, banging, banishing, banking, bantering, bargaining, barging, barring, basing, basking, basting, bathing, battering, batting, battling, bawling, beaching, beaming, bearing, beating, beautifying, beckoning, becoming, befitting, befuddling, beg, begging, beginning, behaving, beheading, belaboring, belching, believing, belittling, bellowing, belong, belonging, bemaddening, bending, besetting, besieging, besmirching, betraying, bettering, betting, bewitching.

bickering, binding, biting, blaming, blanching, blaring, blasting, blazing, bleaching, bleating, bleeding, blending, blessing, blinding, blinking, blockading, blocking, blooming, blotting, blowing, bluffing, blushing, boarding, boasting, boating, bobbing, bog, boiling, bolstering, bolting, bombarding, bombing, bonding, booming, boosting, bootlegging, bordering, boring, borrowing, bothering, bottling, bouncing, bounding, bowing, bracing, brag, bragging, braiding, branching, brandishing, braving, braweling, braying, breaching, breaking, breathing, breeding, brewing, briefing, bring, bringing, bristling, broadcasting, broadening, brooding, browning, browsing, bruising, brushing, bubbling, bucking, buckling, budding, budgeting, bugging, building, bulging, bullying, bumping, burgeoning, burning, burrowing, bursting, bustling, butting, buying, buzzing.

calculating, calibrating, calling, calming, calving, campaigning, camping, canceling, cancelling, canning, canting, capering, capitalizing, capturing, careening, caressing, caring, carousing, carping, carrying, carving, cascading, casting, catapulting, catching, categorizing, catering, caucusing, causing, caving, cavorting, cawing.

ceasing, celebrating, centering, centralizing, centrifuging, certifying.

chaffing, chafing, challenging, changing, chanting, characterizing, charging, charting, chasing, chattering, chatting, cheating, checking, cheering, cherishing, chewing, chiding, chilling, chinning, chipping, chivying, choking, choosing, chopping, chortling, christianizing, chuffing, chugging, churning, circling, circulating, circumscribing, citing, civilizing.

cladding, claiming, clambering, clamoring, clamping, clanking, clapping, clarifying, clasping, classifying, clattering, clawing, cleaning, cleansing, clearing, clerking, cliffhanging, climbing, cling, clinging, clog, clogging, closing, cloying, clucking, clung, clustering, clutching, coaching, coagulating, coating, coaxing, coding, coiling, coinciding, collapsing, collecting, coloring, combating, combing, combining, comforting, coming, commandeering, commanding, commemorating, commencing, commending, commenting, committing, communicating, commuting, comparing, compelling, compensating, competing, compiling, complaining, complementing, completing, complicating, complimenting, complying, composing, compounding, comprehending, compressing, comprising, compromising, computing, concealing, conceding, conceiving, concentrating, concluding, condemning, condensing, condescending, conditioning, conducting, conferring, confessing, confiding, confining, confirming, confiscating, conflicting, confounding, confronting, confusing, coning, conjugating, connecting, conning, conquering, consenting, conserving, considering, consisting, consolidating, consoling, consorting, constituting, constraining, constricting, constructing, construing, consulting, consuming, contacting, containing, contaminating, contemplating, contending, contenting, continuing, contouring, contracting, contrasting, contributing, contriving, controlling, convalescing, conversing, converting, conveying, convicting, convincing, cooing, cooking, cooling, cooperating, coordinating, coping, copying, cornering, corralling, correlating, corresponding, corroborating, corroding, corrupting, costing, coughing, counseling, counteracting, counterbalancing, counterpointing, countervailing, counting, coupling, coursing, courting, covering, coveting, cowering.

cracking, crashing, craving, crawling, crazing, creaking, creating, creeping, crimsoning, cringing, crippling, criticizing, crooning, cropping, crossing, crossroading, crouching, crowding, crowing, crowning, crucifying, cruising, crumbling, crusading, crushing, crying, crystallizing.

culminating, cultivating, curbing, curdling, curing, curling, cursing, curving, cushioning, cutting.

dabbing, dabbling, damaging, damning, dampening, dancing, dangling, daring, darkening, darting, dashing, dating, dawning, dazzling.

dealing, debating, debunking, debuting, decanting, decaying, deceiving, decentralizing, deciding, declaring, declining, decomposing, decorating, decreasing, decreeing, decrying, deducing, deducting, deeming, defeating, defending, deferring, defining, defocusing, defying, degrading, delegating, delighting, delineating, delivering, deluding, delving, demanding, demonstrating, demoralizing, demythologizing, denoting, denouncing, denting, denying, departing, depending, depicting, deploying, depriving, deriving, descending, describing, designating, designing, desiring, despairing, despising, despoiling, destroying, desynchronizing, detecting, deteriorating, determing, determining, detonating, devastating, developing, deviating, devising, devoting, diagnosing, dialing, dictating, diddling, differentiating, differing, diffusing, dig, digesting, digging, dilating, diluting, dimensioning, diminishing, dining, dipping, directing, disabling, disappearing, disarming, disbelieving, discerning, discharging, disciplining, discounting, discouraging, discovering, discriminating, discussing, disdaining, disheartening, dishonouring, disillusioning, disintegrating, disking, disliking, dismissing, dismounting, disobeying, dispatching, dispensing, dispersing, displacing, displaying, disproving, disregarding, disrupting, dissembling, disseminating, dissenting, dissipating, dissolving, distilling, distinguishing, distracting, distributing, disturbing, diverging, diverting, dividing, diving, divining, divulging.

dodging, doffing, doing, dominating, domineering, donating, donning, doting, dotting, doubling, doubting, doweling, downing, dozing.

drafting, drag, dragging, draining, dramatizing, drawing, drawling, dreaming, dressing, drifting, drilling, drinking, dripping, driving, drizzling, drooping, dropping, drowning, drowsing, drugging, drumming, drying, ducking, dueling, dug, dumping, dusting.

dwelling, dwindling.

dyeing, dying, earning, easing, eating, ebbing, echoing, eclipsing, economizing.

edging, edifying, editing, educating.

effecting, elbowing, electing, eliminating, eluding, emanating, embarrassing, embezzling, embodying, embracing, emerging, emigrating, emitting, emphasizing, employing, empowering, emptying, enabling, enacting, enameling, enclosing, encouraging, encroaching, endangering, endeavoring, ending, endorsing, enduring, enervating, enforcing, engaging, engineering, engulfing, enhancing, enjoying, enlarging, enriching, enrolling, ensuing, ensuring, entering, entertaining, enthralling, enticing, entrusting, enveloping, environing, equating, erasing, erecting, erupting, escaping, eschewing, escorting, espousing, establishing, estimating, estranging.

evading, evaluating, evidencing, evoking, evolving.

exacting, exaggerating, exalting, examining, exceeding, exchanging, exciting, exclaiming, excluding, executing, exercising, exerting, exhaling, exhausting, exhibiting, exhorting, exiling, existing, expanding, expecting, expediting, expelling, experiencing, experimenting, expiating, explaining, exploding, exploiting, exploring, exporting, exposing, expounding, expressing, extending, extenuating, exterminating, extirpating, extracting, extruding, eyeing, eying.

fabricating, facilitating, facing, fading, failing, fairing, falling, falsifying, fancying, fanning, faring, farming, fashioning, fattening, favoring, fawning, fearing, feasting, featherbedding, featuring, feeding, feeling, feigning, felling, fencing, fermenting, festering, fetching, fielding, fighting, figuring, filing, filling, filming, filtering, financing, finding, fingering, fingerprinting, finishing, firing, fishing, fitting, fixing, flag, flailing, flaming, flanking, flapping, flaring, flashing, flattening, flattering, flaunting, flavoring, fleeing, fleeting, flicking, flinching, fling, flipping, flitting, flng, floating, flocking, flog, flooding, floundering, flourishing, flowering, flowing, fluctuating, flung, flushing, fluttering, flying.

foaming, focusing, folding, following, fooling, footing, foraging, forbidding, forcing, forebearing, foreboding, forecasting, foreclosing, foregoing, foreseeing, forgetting, forging, forgiving, forming, formulating, forwarding, fostering, fouling, foundering, founding.

framing, freeing, freezing, fretting, frightening, frizzling, frolicking, fronting, frothing, frowning, frustrating, fulfilling, fulminating, fumbling, fuming, functioning, funding, furbishing, furnishing, furthering, fusing, fussing.

gabbling, gagging, gaging.

gaining, galloping, galvanizing, gambling, gaming, gang, gaping, gardening, gasping, gassing, gathering, gazing.

gearing, generating, gesticulating, gesturing, getting, geysering.

giggling, ginning, giving.

glancing, glaring, glazing, gleaming, glimmering, glinting, glistening, glittering, glorying, glowering, glowing, gnashing, gnawing.

going, golfing, gorging, gossiping, gouging, governing, grabbing, grading, graduating, granting, grappling, grasping, gratifying, graying, grazing, greening, greeting, greying, grieving, grinding, grinning, gripping, groaning, grokking, grooming, groping, grounding, grouping, groveling, growing, growling, grumbling, grunting, guarding, guessing, guiding, gulling, gumming, gunning, hacking, haggling, hallucinating, halting, handing, handling, hang, hanging, happening, haranguing, harassing, harboring, harnessing, harping, harrowing, harvesting, hastening, hatching, hating, hauling, haunting, haying, heading, headlining, healing, hearing, heating, heaving, heightening, helping, hemming, hemorrhaging, herding, hesitating, hiding, highlighting, hijacking, hiking, hindering, hinting, hiring, hissing, hitching, hitting.

hocking, hogging, holding, hollering, homing, honeymooning, honoring, hooking, hooting, hoping, hopping, housing, hovering, howling, huddling, hug, hugging, hulking, humming, hung, hunting, hurling, hurrying, hurting, hurtling, hustling.


identifying, idling, ignoring.

illuminating, illustrating.

imagining, imbruing, imitating, impaling, impelling, impending, impinging, implementing, imploring, implying, imposing, impressing, improving, inaugurating, inbreeding, incepting, inciting, including, incorporating, increasing, incriminating, incubating, incurring, indexing, indicating, individualizing, inducing, indulging, indwelling, infiltrating, inflecting, inflicting, influencing, informing, inhabiting, inhaling, inheriting, inhibiting, initiating, injecting, injuring, inquiring, insinuating, insisting, inspecting, inspiring, installing, instigating, instituting, instructing, insulating, insulting, insuring, integrating, intending, intensifying, interacting, interfering, interlacing, interlocking, interposing, interpreting, intersecting, intervening, interviewing, interweaving, intimating, intoxicating, introducing, intruding, inundating, invading, inventing, investigating, investing, invigorating, inviting, invoking, involving.

iodinating, ionizing.

ironing, irrigating, isolating, issuing.

itching, itemizing.

jabbing, jangling, jeopardizing, jerking, jesting, jetting.

jiggling, jingling, jiving.

jockeying, joining, joking, jollying, jolting, jotting, judging, juggling, jumping, junketeering, justifying, jutting, keening, keeping, kicking, kidding, kidnapping, killing, kissing.

kneeling, knitting, knocking, knowing, labeling, lacking, lactating, lag, laminating, lamming, landing, landscaping, languishing, lapping, lapsing, lashing, lasting, laughing, launching, laundering, lavishing, layering, laying, leading, leaning, leaping, learning, leasing, leaving, lecturing, leering, lending, lengthening, lessening, lettering, letting, leveling, liberalizing, liberating, licensing, licking, lifting, lighting, liking, lilting, limiting, limping, lingering, lining, linking, liquidating, lisping, listening, listing, littering, living.

loading, loathing, locating, locking, lodging, logging, lolling, long, longing, looking, looming, loosening, looting, losing, lounging, loving.


lug, lumbering, lurching, luring, lurking, lying, lyking, maddening, magnifying, mailing, maintaining, making, managing, maneuvering, manifesting, manipulating, manning, manufacturing, mapping, marbleizing, marching, marinating, marketing, marking, marring, marrying, marshaling, marshalling, mashing, masquerading, massaging, massing, mastering, masterminding, matching, mating, maturing, mauling, maximizing.

meandering, meaning, measuring, meddling, mediating, meditating, meeting, melting, memorizing, menacing, mending, mentioning, merchandising, merging, messing, metering, migrating, milling, mincing, mingling, minifying, minimizing, mining, ministering, misleading, misplacing, misrepresenting, missing, mistaking, misunderstanding, mitigating, mixing.

mobilizing, mocking, modeling, moderating, modernizing, modifying, moistening, molding, molesting, monitoring, mooring, mopping, mortaring, motioning, motivating, motoring, mouldering, mounting, mourning, mouthing, moving, mucking, muddling, muffling, mulching, multiplying, mumbling, munching, murdering, murmuring, mushrooming, musing, mustering, muttering, nagging, nailing, naming, napping, narrowing, nationalizing, navigating.

nearing, necessitating, necking, needing, neglecting, negotiating, neighboring, nesting, nestling, netting, nodding, nominating, nosing, notching, noticing, notifying, noting, nourishing, nudging, numbering, numbing, nursing, obeying, objecting, observing, obsoleting, obtaining, occupying, occurring, offending, offering, officiating, offsetting.


opening, operating, opposing, optimizing.

orbiting, ordering, organizing, orienting, originating, oscillating, ousting, outdistancing, outlining, outputting, outscoring, outstripping, overbearing, overcoming, overdoing, overdriving, overeating, overflowing, overgrazing, overhauling, overhearing, overlapping, overlooking, overlying, overpowering, overriding, overstepping, overstraining, overturning, owing, owning, pacing, packaging, packing, padding, painting, paling, panting, parading, paralleling, paraphrasing, parking, parroting, partaking, participating, parting, passing, pasting, patrolling, patronizing, patting, pausing, paving, pawing, paying, peeking, peeling, peeping, peering, pegging, pelting, penetrating, pepping, peptizing, perceiving, perfecting, performing, perishing, permitting, perpetuating, persisting, personifying, perspiring, persuading, pertaining, perusing, pervading, pestering, petting.

philosophizing, photographing, phrasing.

picketing, picking, picturing, piddling, piercing, pilfering, piling, piloting, pinching, pinging, pinning, pinpointing, pioneering, piping, pitching, pivoting.

placating, placing, planning, planting, playing, pleading, plinking, plodding, plotting, plowing, plucking, plug, plugging, plummeting, plunging, plunking.

poetizing, pointing, poisoning, poking, polarizing, policing, poling, polishing, polling, pondering, pooling, popping, poring, portraying, posing, possessing, postponing, potting, pounding, pouring, practicing, practising, praising, prancing, praying, preaching, preceding, preceeding, precipitating, predicting, predominating, preening, preferring, preparing, preponderating, preprinting, presenting, preserving, presiding, pressing, presuming, pretending, prevailing, preventing, preying, pricing, pricking, priming, primping, printing, probing, proceeding, processing, proclaiming, prodding, producing, professing, programing, programming, progressing, prohibiting, projecting, prolong, prolonging, promising, promoting, promulgating, pronouncing, propelling, proposing, propping, prosecuting, proselytizing, prospering, protecting, protesting, protruding, providing, proving, prowling, prying.

publicizing, publishing, puckering, puffing, pulling, pulsating, pulsing, pulverizing, pumping, punching, puncturing, punishing, purchasing, purging, purifying, purling, purpling, purporting, purring, pursuing, pushing, puttering, putting, puzzling.

quaking, qualifying, quarreling, quavering, quelling, querying, questioning, quickening, quipping, quirking, quitting, quivering, quoting.

racing, racking, radiating, ragging, raging, raiding, raining, raising, rallying, rambling, ramming, rang, ranging, ranking, ransacking, raping, rapping, rasping, rating, ratiocinating, rationing, rattling, raving, razing.

reaching, reacting, readapting, reading, readying, realigning, realizing, reaping, reappearing, rearing, rearranging, reasoning, reasserting, reassuring, rebelling, rebuilding, recalling, receding, receiving, reciting, reclining, recognizing, recommending, reconciling, reconditioning, reconverting, recording, recounting, recovering, recreating, recruiting, recuperating, recurring, redecorating, redeeming, redirecting, rediscovering, redistricting, reducing, reeking, reeling, referring, refining, reflecting, reforming, refreshing, refueling, refusing, regaining, regarding, regenerating, registering, regulating, rehabilitating, rehearing, rehearsing, reigning, reinforcing, reiterating, rejecting, rejoicing, rejoining, relating, relaxing, relaying, releasing, relieving, relinquishing, relishing, reliving, relying, remaining, remanding, remarking, remarrying, remembering, reminding, reminiscing, remodeling, remolding, remounting, removing, rendering, renewing, renouncing, renting, reopening, reorganizing, repainting, repairing, repeating, replacing, replying, reporting, representing, reprobating, reproducing, repudiating, requesting, requiring, rescuing, researching, resembling, reserving, resettling, residing, resigning, resisting, resolving, resorting, resounding, respecting, responding, restating, resting, restoring, restraining, restricting, resulting, resuming, resurrecting, retailing, retaining, retaliating, retarding, retiring, retracing, retraining, retreating, retrenching, returning, reuniting, reupholstering, revamping, revealing, reveling, revelling, reversing, reviewing, revising, reviving, revolving, rewriting, rhyming.

ridding, riddling, ridiculing, riding, rig, rigging, ring, ringing, rinsing, rioting, ripening, ripping, rippling, rising, risking, roaming, roaring, robbing, rocking, rodding, roiling, rollicking, rolling, romancing, romping, rooming, rooting, rotating, rotting, rounding, rousing, roving, rubbing, ruining, ruling, rumbling, rummaging, rung, runing, running, rushing, rustling, sacking, sacrificing, sag, sagging, sailing, salting, salvaging, sampling, sanding, sang, sapping, satisfying, saving, savoring, saying, scalding, scampering, scanning, scaring, scathing, scattering, scavenging, scheduling, scheming, schooling, scintillating, scolding, scooping, scooting, scoring, scouring, scouting, scowling, scrambling, scraping, scratching, screaming, screeching, screening, scribing, scrounging, scrubbing, scrutinizing, scudding, scuttling.

sealing, searching, searing, seating, seceding, securing, seeing, seeking, seeming, seeping, segregating, seizing, selecting, selling, semidrying, sending, sensing, sentencing, separating, servicing, serving, setting, settling, sewing, shading, shadowing, shaking, shambling, shaping, sharing, sharpening, shattering, shaving, shearing, shedding, shifting, shimmering, shimming, shining, shipping, shirking, shivering, shocking, shooing, shooting, shopping, shortening, shouldering, shouting, shoving, showering, showing, shredding, shrilling, shrinking, shuddering, shuffling, shunning, shutting, shuttling, sickening, siding, sighing, sighting, sightseeing, signaling, signing, silencing, sing, singing, singling, sinking, sinning, sipping, sitting, sizzling.

skating, sketching, skidding, skiing, skimming, skindiving, skipping, skirmishing, skirting, skouting, skylarking.

slackening, slacking, slamming, slanting, slapping, slashing, slaughtering, slaying, sleeping, sliding, slinging, slipping, sloganeering, sloping, slopping, slowing, slug, slugging, sluicing, slung, smashing, smelling, smiling, smoking, smoldering, smooching, smoothing, smothering, smuggling.

snag, snapping, snarling, snatching, sneaking, sneering, sneezing, sniffing, snooping, snoring, snowing, snubbing, soaking, soaring, sobbing, sobering, sockdologizing, softening, soldering, soldiering, soliciting, solvating, solving, somersaulting, soothing, sorting, sounding, spacing, spanning, sparing, sparkling, sparring, speaking, specializing, specifying, speculating, speeding, spelling, spending, spewing, spilling, spinning, spiraling, spitting, splashing, splitting, spoiling, sponsoring, sporting, spotting, spouting, sprang, sprawling, spraying, spreading, spring, springing, sprinkling, sprouting, sprung, spurring, spying.

squashing, squatting, squealing, squeezing, squinting, squirting.

stabilizing, stacking, staffing, staggering, staging, staining, stalking, stalling, stammering, stamping, standardizing, standing, staring, starring, starting, starving, stating, staying, stealing, steaming, steering, stepping, sterilizing, sticking, stiffening, stifling, stimulating, sting, stinging, stinking, stirring, stocking, stomping, stooping, stopping, storing, storming, straddling, strafing, straggling, straightening, straining, stranding, strapping, streaming, strengthening, stressing, stretching, striding, striking, string, stringing, striving, stroking, strolling, stropping, structuring, struggling, strumming, strung, strutting, studying, stuffing, stultifying, stumbling, stumping, stung, stupefying, subbing, subcontracting, subduing, submerging, submitting, subscribing, substituting, subtracting, subverting, succeeding, succumbing, sucking, sudsing, suffering, suffocating, suggesting, suing, sulking, sullying, summarizing, summing, sung, sunning, superimposing, supervising, supplanting, supplementing, supplicating, supplying, supporting, surging, surprising, surrendering, surrounding, surveying, surviving, suspecting, sustaining, swaggering, swallowing, swamping, swarming, swaying, swearing, sweating, sweeping, swelling, sweltering, swerving, swimming, swindling, swing, swinging, swiping, swirling, switching, swooping, swung.

symbolizing, sympathizing, systematizing.

tacking, tagging, taking, talking, taming, tampering, tantalizing, tapering, tapping, tasting, taunting, taxiing, taxing.

teaching, teaming, tearing, teasing, teeming, teetering, teething, telegraphing, telephoning, telescoping, telling, tempting, tending, tensioning, tenting, terminating, terming, terrifying, terrorizing, testing, thanking, thawing, thermoforming, thickening, thieving, thinking, thinning, threading, threatening, threshing, thriving, throbbing, throng, throttling, throwing, thrumming, thrusting, thudding, thumbing, thumping, thundering, thwarting, ticking, tidying, tightening, tilting, timing, tingling, tinkering, tinkling, tipping, tiptoeing, tiring, titillating, toasting, tolerating, tooling, topping, toppling, tormenting, tossing, totaling, tottering, touching, touring, towering, toying, tracing, tracking, trading, trailing, training, traipsing, transcending, transferring, transforming, translating, transmitting, transpirating, transpiring, transplanting, transporting, trapping, traveling, travelling, traversing, treading, treating, trembling, trickling, trifling, trimming, tripping, troubling, trucking, trundling, trusting, trying.

tucking, tug, tugging, tumbling, tuning, turning, tutoring.

twinkling, twirling, twisting, twitching, twittering, twotiming.

tying, typifying, typing, unclasping, uncoiling, undergoing, underlining, underlying, undermining, understanding, underwriting, undoing, undressing, undulating, unfolding, unifying, uniting, unlacing, unleashing, unloading, unlocking, unnerving, unpacking, unreeling, unsettling, unsheathing, unstrung, unwinding, upgrading, upholding, upsetting.


using, utilizing, uttering, vacationing, vaccinating, vacuuming, validating, vanishing, varityping, varying, vaulting.

veering, veiling, veining, vending, ventilating, vexing.

vibrating, viewing, vilifying, violating, visiting, volunteering, vomiting, voting, vouching, vowing, vying.

wagging, waggling, waging, wailing, waiting, wakening, waking, walking, walloping, wallowing, wandering, waning, wanting, warbling, warehousing, warming, warning, warping, washing, wasting, watching, watering, waterskiing, waving, waxing, weakening, weaning, wearing, wearying, weathering, weaving, weeping, weighing, welcoming, welding, welling, wetting.

whaling, wheeling, wheezing, whimpering, whining, whipping, whirling, whirring, whisking, whispering, whistling, whitening, whizzing, whooping.

wiggling, wincing, winding, wing, winging, winking, winning, wintering, wiping, wishing, withdrawing, withering, withholding, witnessing.

wobbling, wondering, woodworking, wording, working, worrying, worshiping, worshipping, wounding, wracking, wrapping, wrecking, wrenching, wrestling, wring, writhing, writing, yachting, yanking, yapping, yawning.

yelling, yellowing, yelping.

yielding, yodeling.

zigzagging, zoning, zooming, has many examples of verbs which end in various letters. Hope you enjoy this page of verbs ending with g and the rest of this verb list site.