Verbs ending in d

This page lists verbs that end with D. The first list on this page has those verbs that naturally end in d, i.e. those that don’t end in d just because “ed” was added on the end of the root form to create the past tense of the word by conjugation. Further down the post there is a longer list that does include verb words that end in d due to the addition of ed.

Verbs ending with the letter d:


Longer list of Verbs that end with d:

abandoned, abated, abbreviated, abetted, abhorred, ablated, abolished, abound, abounded, abridged, abrogated, absented, absorbed, abstracted, abused.

acceded, accelerated, accented, accentuated, accepted, acclaimed, acclimatized, accommodated, accompanied, accomplished, accord, accorded, accosted, accounted, accredited, accrued, acculturated, accumulated, accused, accustomed, ached, achieved, acknowledged, acquainted, acquiesced, acquired, acquitted, acted, activated, actuated.

adapted, add, added, addicted, addressed, adhered, adjoined, adjourned, adjudged, adjusted, administered, admired, admitted, admixed, admonished, adopted, adored, adorned, adsorbed, adulterated, advanced, advertised, advised, advocated, aerated, aerosolized.

affected, affianced, affied, affiliated, affirmed, affixed, afflicted, afford, afforded, affronted, aged, aggravated, aggrieved, agitated, agonized, agreed, aid, aided, aimed, aired.

alarmed, alerted, alienated, aligned, alleged, allied, allocated, alloted, allotted, allowed, alluded, alphabetized, altered, alternated, amalgamated, amazed, ambled, ambushed, amend, amended, amounted, amplified, amputated, amused.

analysed, analyzed, anchored, anemated, anesthetized, angered, anguished, animated, animized, announced, annoyed, annunciated, answered, antagonised, anticipated, antiquated.

apologized, appalled, appareled, appealed, appeared, appeased, appended, applaud, applauded, applied, appointed, apportioned, appraised, appreciated, apprehend, apprehended, apprenticed, approached, appropriated, approved, approximated.

arbitrated, archaized, arched, argued, arithmetized, armed, armored, aroused, arraigned, arranged, arrayed, arrested, arrived, articulated.

ascend, ascended, ascertained, ascribed, asked, aspired, assailed, assassinated, assaulted, assayed, assembled, assented, asserted, assessed, assigned, assimilated, assisted, associated, assorted, assuaged, assumed, assured, astonished, astound, astounded.

atrophied, attached, attacked, attained, attempted, attend, attended, attested, attired, attracted, attributed, attuned.

audited, augmented, authenticated, authorized, automated, autopsied, availed, averaged, averted, avoid, avoided, avowed.

awaited, awakened, award, awarded, awed, babbled, backed, baffled, bagged, baited, baked, balanced, balked, balled, bandaged, banded, banged, banished, banked, banned, bantered, baptized, barbecued, barbed, barred, based, basked, bathed, batted, battered, bawled, bayed.

beaded, bearded, becalmed, beckoned, bedazzled, bedded, beefed, befogged, befouled, befuddled, begged, beguiled, behaved, beheld, behold, belched, belied, believed, bellowed, belonged, belted, benched, bend, benefited, bequeathed, berated, besieged, besmirched, bested, bestowed, betrayed, betrothed, beveled, bewildered, bewitched, bid, bilked, billed, billowed, bind, biosynthesized, birdied, birthed, blabbed, blacked, blackened, blackmailed, blamed, blanched, blanketed, blared, blasphemed, blasted, blazed, bleached, bled, bleed, blend, blended, blessed, blighted, blind, blinded, blindfolded, blinked, blistered, bloated, blocked, blooded, bloomed, blossomed, blotted, blundered, blunted, blurred, blurted, blushed, blustered.

board, boarded, boasted, bobbed, bogeyed, bogged, boggled, boiled, bolstered, bolted, bombed, bonded, booked, boomed, boosted, booted, bordered, bored, borrowed, bossed, bothered, bottled, bounced, bound, bounded, bowed, boxed, boycotted.

braced, bragged, braided, branched, branded, braved, breakfasted, breathed, bred, breed, brewed, bribed, briefed, brightened, brimmed, bristled, broached, broadened, broiled, bronzed, brooked, bruised, bruited, brushed, brutalized, bubbled, bucked, buckled, bud, budded, budgeted, buffered, buffeted, bugged, build, bulged, bulked, bulletin’d, bumped, bunched, bundled, bungled, bunkered, buoyed, burdened, burgeoned, buried, burned, burnished, burrowed, bushwhacked, busied, busted, butchered, butted, buttoned, buttressed, buzzed, bypassed.

cabled, cackled, caged, caked, calcified, calculated, calibrated, called, calloused, calmed, calumniated, camouflaged, campaigned, camped, canceled, cancelled, canned, canonized, canted, cantered, canvassed, capitulated, capped, captivated, captured, cared, careened, caressed, caricatured, carpeted, carried, carted, carved, cascaded, cased, cashed, castigated, catalogued, catapulted, categorized, catered, caused, cautioned, caved, cavorted, ceased, celebrated, cemented, censored, censured, centered, centralized, centrifuged, cerebrated, certified, chalked, challenged, chambered, chanced, changed, channeled, chanted, chaperoned, characterized, charcoaled, charged, charmed, charred, charted, chartered, chased, chatted, chattered, chauffeured, cheated, checked, cheered, cherished, chewed, chided, chilled, chinked, chipped, chirped, chiseled, choked, chopped, choreographed, chortled, chorused, christened, chromed, chronicled, chuckled, churned, circled, circulated, circumscribed, cited, civilized, clad, claimed, clambered, clamored, clamped, clanged, clapped, clarified, clashed, clasped, classed, classified, clattered, clawed, cleaned, cleansed, cleared, cleaved, clenched, clicked, climaxed, climbed, clinched, clinked, clipped, clobbered, clocked, clogged, clomped, closed, closeted, clothed, clotted, clouded, clubbed, clucked, clustered, clutched, cluttered.

coalesced, coarsened, coasted, coated, coaxed, cocked, coddled, coded, codified, coerced, coiled, coincided, coined, collaborated, collapsed, collared, collated, collected, collided, collimated, colonized, colored, coloured, combatted, combed, combined, comend, comforted, command, commanded, commandeered, commawnded, commemorated, commenced, commend, commended, commented, commingled, commissioned, committed, communicated, commuted, compared, compelled, compensated, competed, compiled, complained, compleated, completed, complicated, complied, complimented, comported, composed, compound, compounded, comprehend, comprehended, compressed, comprised, compromised, computed, concealed, conceded, conceived, concentrated, concerned, concluded, concocted, concurred, condemned, condensed, conditioned, condoned, conducted, confabulated, conferred, confessed, confided, confined, confirmed, confiscated, conformed, confounded, confronted, confused, congealed, congested, congratulated, congregated, conjectured, conjoined, conjugated, conjured, connected, conned, conpired, conquered, conscripted, consented, considered, consigned, consisted, consoled, consolidated, consorted, conspired, constituted, constrained, constricted, constructed, construed, consulted, consumed, consummated, contacted, contained, contaminated, contemplated, contend, contended, contented, contested, continued, contorted, contracted, contradicted, contrasted, contributed, contrived, controlled, convened, conventionalized, converged, converted, conveyed, convicted, convinced, convoluted, convulsed, cooked, cooled, cooped, cooperated, coordinated, copied, corded, corked, cornered, corrected, correlated, correspond, corresponded, corroborated, corrugated, corrupted, cosponsored, costumed, couched, coughed, counseled, counted, counteracted, counterbalanced, countered, coupled, courted, covered, coveted, cracked, crackled, cradled, crammed, crashed, cratered, craved, crawled, crazed, creaked, creamed, creased, created, credited, cremated, cried, cringed, crippled, crisscrossed, criticized, croaked, crocked, crooned, cropped, crossed, crouched, crowd, crowded, crowed, crowned, crucified, crumbled, crumpled, crunched, crushed, crystallized, cubed, culminated, cultivated, cultured, cupped, cured, curled, cursed, curtailed, curtseyed, curved, cycled, dabbed, dabbled, damaged, damed, dammed, damned, dampened, danced, danged, dangled, dappled, dared, darkened, darned, darted, dashed, dated, datelined, daubed, daunted, daydreamed, dazed, dazzled, deactivated, deadened, deafened, debated, debilitated, decanted, decayed, deceived, decided, decked, declaimed, declared, declined, decorated, decorticated, decreased, decreed, decried, dedicated, dedifferentiated, deduced, deducted, deed, deemed, deepened, defaulted, defeated, defecated, defend, defended, deferred, defied, defined, deflated, defraud, degassed, degenerated, deglycerolized, degraded, dehumanised, dehumidified, dehydrated, deigned, delayed, delegated, delighted, delineated, delivered, deloused, deluded, deluged, demand, demanded, demarcated, demented, demolished, demonstrated, demoralized, demoted, demurred, demythologized, denied, denominated, denoted, denounced, dented, denuded, departed, depend, depended, depersonalized, depicted, deplored, deployed, deposed, deposited, depraved, depressed, deprived, deputized, deranged, derived, descend, descended, described, desecrated, desegregated, desensitized, deserted, deserved, designated, designed, desired, despatched, despised, despoiled, destined, destroyed, detached, detailed, detained, detected, deteriorated, determined, detested, detonated, detoured, deuterated, devastated, developed, deviated, devised, devoted, devoured.

diagnosed, diagrammed, dialed, dialyzed, dictated, died, differed, differentiated, diffused, digested, dignified, dilapidated, dilated, diluted, diminished, dined, dipped, directed, disabled, disaffected, disagreed, disallowed, disappeared, disappointed, disapproved, disarmed, disarranged, disbanded, disbelieved, disbursed, discard, discarded, discerned, discharged, disciplined, disclaimed, disclosed, discolored, disconnected, discontinued, discorporated, discounted, discouraged, discovered, discredited, discussed, disembodied, disenfranchised, disfigured, disgraced, disgruntled, disguised, disgusted, dished, disheveled, dishonored, disillusioned, disinterred, disjointed, disliked, dislocated, dislodged, dismayed, dismembered, dismissed, dismounted, disobeyed, disordered, disorganized, disoriented, disowned, dispatched, dispelled, dispensed, dispersed, displaced, displayed, displeased, disposed, dispossessed, disputed, disqualified, disregard, disregarded, disrupted, dissatisfied, disseminated, dissented, dissipated, dissociated, dissolved, distilled, distinguished, distorted, distracted, distressed, distributed, distrusted, disturbed, disunited, dived, diversified, diverted, divided, divorced, docked, docketed, doctored, documented, dodged, doled, domed, domiciled, dominated, donated, donned, doomed, doped, dosed, dotted, doubled, doubted, doused, downed, downgraded, dozed, drafted, dragged, dragooned, drained, draped, drawled, dreaded, dreamed, drenched, dressed, dribbled, dried, drifted, drilled, dripped, drooped, dropped, drowned, drowsed, drugged, drummed, dubbed, ducked, dulled, dumped, duped, duplicated, dusted, dwarfed, dwindled, dyed, dynamited.

earmarked, earned, eased, echoed, eclipsed, edged, edified, edited, educated, effected, egged.

ejaculated, ejected.


elaborated, elapsed, elated, elected, elevated, elicited, eliminated, elongated, eloped, elucidated, eluded, eluted.

emaciated, emanated, emancipated, emasculated, embarked, embarrassed, embattled, embedded, embellished, embittered, embodied, emboldened, embossed, embraced, embroidered, embroiled, emerged, emigrated, emitted, emphasized, employed, empowered, emptied, emulated, emulsified.

enabled, enacted, enamelled, encamped, encased, enchained, enchanted, enciphered, encircled, enclosed, encompassed, encountered, encouraged, encroached, encrusted, encumbered, end, endangered, endeared, endeavored, ended, endorsed, endowed, endured, energized, enforced, engaged, engendered, engraved, engrossed, engulfed, enhanced, enjoined, enjoyed, enlargd, enlarged, enlightened, enlisted, enlivened, enmeshed, enquired, enraged, enraptured, enriched, enrolled, ensconced, enslaved, ensued, enter’d, entered, entertained, enterteyned, enthralled, entitled, entombed, entranced, entreated, entrenched, entrusted, entwined, enumerated, enunciated, envenomed, envied, envisaged, envisioned, epitomized, equalled, equated, equilibrated, equipped.

erased, erected, eroded, erred, erupted, escaped, eschewed, escorted, espoused, essayed, established, esteemed, estimated, estranged, etched.

eulogized, europeanized.

evacuated, evaded, evaluated, evaporated, evicted, evidenced, evinced, evoked, evolved, exacerbated, exacted, exaggerated, exalted, examined, exasperated, exceed, exceeded, exchanged, excised, excited, exclaimed, excluded, excommunicated, excused, executed, exemplified, exercised, exerted, exhaled, exhausted, exhibited, exhilarated, exiled, existed, exonerated, expand, expanded, expected, expelled, expend, expended, experienced, experimented, expired, explained, exploded, exploited, explored, exported, exposed, exposited, expounded, expressed, expropriated, extend, extended, extinguished, extirpated, extracted, extrapolated, extruded, exuded.

eyed, fabricated, faced, facilitated, faded, failed, fainted, faked, faltered, fancied, fanned, farmed, fascinated, fashioned, fastened, fathered, fatigued, faulted, favored, fawned, feared, feathered, featured, fed, feed, feigned, felled, fenced, fermented, ferreted, ferried, fertilized.

feted, ffreind.

field, fielded, figgered, figured, filched, filed, filled, filmed, filtered, financed, find, fined, fingered, finished, finned, fired, fissured, fisted, fitted, fixed, fizzled.

flagellated, flailed, flamed, flanked, flapped, flared, flashed, flattened, flattered, flaunted, flavored, flecked, fled, flexed, flicked, flickered, flipped, flirted, floated, flocculated, flocked, flogged, flood, flooded, flopped, flounced, floundered, floured, flourished, flouted, flowed, flowered, flubbed, fluorinated, flurried, flushed, flustered, fluted, fluttered, foamed, focused, focussed, fogged, foiled, foisted, fold, folded, followed, fooled, forbad, forbid, forced, foreclosed, foreshortened, forfeited, forged, forked, formalized, formed, formulated, fortified, forwarded, fossilized, fostered, fouled, found, founded, fractionated, fractured, fragmented, framed, fraternized, frayed, frazzled, freckled, freed, frequented, frescoed, freshened, fretted, fried, frightened, fringed, frizzled, fronted, frosted, frowned, frustrated, fueled, fulfilled, fumbled, fumed, functioned, funneled, furled, furloughed, furnished, furrowed, furthered, fused, gagged, gained, galled, galloped, gaped, garaged, garbed, garbled, gardened, garlanded, garrisoned, gasped, gassed, gathered, gauged, gazed, geared, geered, generalized, generated, germanized, gesticulated, gestured, ghosted.

giggled, gild, gilded, gird, glanced, glared, glazed, gleamed, gleaned, glided, glimpsed, glinted, glistened, glittered, gloated, glommed, glorified, glossed, gloved, glowed, glowered, glued, glutted, glycerinated, glycerolized.

gnawed, goaded, gobbled, goddamned, goofed, gossiped, gouged, governed, grabbed, graced, graded, graduated, granted, graphed, grappled, grasped, grassed, grated, gratified, grayed, grazed, greased, greeted, grilled, grimaced, grimed, grind, grinned, gripped, groaned, grokked, groomed, grooved, groped, ground, grounded, grouped, growled, grumbled, grunted, gruonded.

guaranteed, guard, guarded, guessed, guided, gulled, gulped, gushed, gutted, guttered, guzzled.

hacked, hailed, hallowed, halted, hammered, hampered, hand, handed, handicapped, handled, hanged, hankered, happened, harangued, harassed, harbored, hardened, harmed, harnessed, harried, harrowed, harshened, harvested, hastened, hatched, hated, hauled, haunted, hawked, hazard, head, headed, healed, heaped, heard, heated, heaved, hedged, heed, heeded, hefted, heightened, heisted, held, helped, hemmed, henpecked, heralded, herd, herded, hesitated, hewed.

hid, hijacked, hiked, hindered, hinged, hinted, hired, hissed, hitched, hobbled, hoisted, hold, holed, hollered, holored, holstered, honeycombed, honeymooned, honored, honoured, hooked, hooted, hoped, hopped, hoppled, horrified, hospitalized, housed, hovered, howled, huddled, hugged, humbled, humiliated, hummed, humped, hunched, hunkered, hunted, hurdled, hurled, hurried, hurtled, hushed, hustled, hydrated, hydrolyzed, hypertrophied, hyphenated, hypnotized, hypophysectomised, hypothesized, iced.

idealized, identified, idled, idolized.

ignited, ignored, illuminated, illumined, illustrated, imagined, imbedded, imbibed, imbued, imitated, immersed, immortalized, impacted, impaired, impaled, imparted, impeded, impelled, imperiled, imperilled, impersonalized, impersonated, implanted, implemented, implicated, implied, implored, imported, imposed, impressed, imprinted, imprisoned, improved, improvised, imputed.

inaugurated, incanted, incapacitated, incarcerated, incensed, incepted, inched, incited, inclined, inclosed, included, incorporated, increased, incubated, inculcated, incurred, indicated, indicted, indisposed, individualized, indoctrinated, indorsed, induced, inducted, indulged, industrialized, infected, inferred, infested, infiltrated, inflamed, inflated, inflected, inflicted, influenced, informed, infuriated, ingested, inhabited, inherited, inhibited, initialed, initiated, injected, injured, inlaid, inquired, inscribed, inserted, insinuated, insisted, inspected, inspired, installed, instituted, institutionalized, instructed, insulated, insulted, insured, integrated, intend, intended, intensified, intercepted, interconnected, interested, interfered, interjected, interlaced, intermeshed, internalized, internationalized, interned, interpolated, interposed, interpreted, interred, interrelated, interrupted, interspersed, intertwined, intervened, interviewed, intimated, intimidated, intoned, intoxicated, intrigued, introduced, introjected, introverted, intruded, inundated, inured, invaded, invalidated, invented, inverted, invested, investigated, invited, invoked, involved, iodinated, ionized, ironed, irradiated, irritated, isolated, issued, italicized, itemized, jabbed, jacketed, jaded, jailed, jammed, jarred.

jerked, jilted, jimmied, jingled, joined, joked, jotted, journeyed.

judged, jumbled, jumped, justified, juxtaposed.

keyed, kicked, kid, kidnaped, kidnapped, killed, kindled, kissed, knead, kneeled, knitted, knocked, knotted, knowed, knuckled, labeled, labelled, labored, laced, lacerated, lacked, lacquered, lagged, laid, laminated, lammed, lanced, land, landed, landscaped, languished, lapped, lapsed, lashed, lasted, latched, lathered, laughed, launched, laundered, lavished, layered, lead, leafed, leagued, leaked, leaned, leaped, learned, leased, leathered, leavened, lectured, led, leered, legalized, legislated, legitimized, lend, lengthened, lessened, lettered, leveled, levelled, levied, liberated, licensed, licked, lied, lifted, lighted, lightened, liked, likened, limited, limped, lined, lingered, linked, lionized, liquidated, listed, listened, littered, lived, load, loaded, loafed, loaned, loathed, lobbied, localized, located, locked, lodged, logged, longed, looked, loomed, looped, loosened, looted, loped, lopped, lounged, loused, loved, lowered, lubricated, lucked, lugged, lulled, lumbered, lumped, lunged, lurched, lured, lurked, lynched, lyophilized.

magnetized, magnified, mailed, maimed, maintained, majored, maligned, malted, managed, mandated, maneuvered, mangled, manifested, manipulated, manned, manufactured, manumitted, mapped, marbleized, marched, marinated, marked, marketed, marooned, marred, married, marshalled, marveled, marvelled, maryed, mashed, masked, massacred, massed, mastered, matched, mated, materialized, matriculated, mattered, matured, maximized, meandered, measured, mechanized, meditated, meld, mellowed, melted, memorialized, memorized, menaced, mend, mended, mentioned, merged, merited, mesmerized, messed, metabolized, metamorphosed, meted, metered, mewed.

miffed, migrated, militated, minced, mind, minded, mined, mineralized, mingled, minimized, ministered, mirrored, misbranded, miscalculated, miscarried, misconstrued, misfired, misgauged, misguided, misinterpreted, misjudged, misled, mismanaged, misnamed, misplaced, misquoted, misrelated, missed, misted, mistrusted, misunderstand, misunderstood, mixed, moaned, mobilized, mocked, modeled, modernized, modified, modulated, moistened, mold, molded, mollified, monitored, mooed, moored, mopped, mortared, mothered, motioned, motivated, mottled, mould, mounded, mounted, mourned, mouthed, moved, mowed.

muddied, muffled, multiplied, mumbled, mummified, munched, murdered, murmured, muscled, mused, mustard, mustered, muted, mutilated, muttered, mystified.

nabbed, nagged, nailed, named, napped, narrated, narrowed, nasaled, nationalized, naturalized, nauseated, neared, necessitated, need, needed, needled, neglected, negotiated, nested, nestled, netted, nettled, neutralized.

nicked, nicknamed, nipped.

nod, nodded, nominated, normalized, notarized, notched, noted, noticed, notified, nourished, novelized.

nucleated, nudged, nullified, numbered, nuzzled.

obeyed, objected, obligated, obliged, obliterated, obscured, observed, obsessed, obstructed, obtained, occasioned, occluded, occupied, occurred, offend, offended, offered, officered, officiated, offsaddled, ogled.


omitted, oozed.

opened, operated, opposed, oppressed, opted, ordained, ordered, organised, organized, oriented, originated, ornamented, orphaned.


ousted, outclassed, outdated, outdistanced, outfitted, outgeneraled, outlawed, outlined, outlived, outmaneuvered, outmatched, outnumbered, outplayed, outraged, outsmarted, outspread, outweighed, overburdened, overcooked, overcooled, overcrowded, overdeveloped, overemphasized, overestimated, overexcited, overexploited, overfeed, overflowed, overheard, overheated, overindulged, overlaid, overlapped, overload, overloaded, overlooked, overpaid, overplayed, overpopulated, overpowered, overpriced, overrated, overreached, overshadowed, oversimplified, oversubscribed, overtaxed, overturned, overwhelmed, overworked, owed, owned, oxidised.

paced, packaged, packed, pad, padded, padlocked, paginated, paid, pained, painted, paired, paled, palletized, palmed, pampered, paneled, panelized, panicked, panted, pantomimed, paraded, paralleled, paralyzed, parboiled, parceled, parched, pardoned, parked, parlayed, parodied, parried, parted, participated, partnered, passed, pasted, patched, patented, patrolled, patronized, patted, pattered, patterned, paused, paved, pecked, peddled, peed, peeked, peeled, peered, pegged, penalized, penciled, penetrated, penned, peopled, peppered, perceived, perched, perfected, perforated, performed, perfumed, perished, permeated, permitted, perpetrated, perpetuated, perplexed, persecuted, persisted, personalized, personified, perspired, persuaded, pertained, perturbed, pervaded, perverted, petered, petitioned, petrified, petted, pfffted.

philosophized, phoned, photographed, phrased, picked, picketed, pickled, picnicked, pictured, pierced, piled, pillaged, pillared, pilloried, pinched, pinioned, pinned, pioneered, piped, pitched, pitied, placed, plagued, planed, planned, planted, plastered, plated, platted, played, plead, pleaded, pleased, pledged, plied, plod, plodded, plopped, plotted, plowed, plucked, plugged, plumbed, plumed, plumped, plunged, pocketed, pointed, poised, poisoned, poked, polarized, policed, polished, polled, polluted, pomaded, pondered, pooched, pooled, popped, populated, pored, portended, portrayed, posed, positioned, possessed, posted, postponed, postulated, potted, pound, pounded, poured, pouted, powdered, powered, practiced, practised, praised, prayed, preached, prearranged, preceded, preceeded, precipitated, precluded, preconceived, preconditioned, precooked, predestined, predetermined, predicted, predigested, predisposed, predominated, prefabricated, prefaced, preferred, preisolated, prejudged, prejudiced, preoccupied, prepackaged, prepared, preprepared, presaged, prescribed, presented, preserved, presided, pressed, presumed, presupposed, pretend, pretended, prevailed, prevented, priced, pricked, primed, printed, prized, probed, proceed, proceeded, processed, proclaimed, procured, prod, prodded, produced, professed, proffered, profited, programed, programmed, progressed, prohibited, projected, proliferated, prolonged, promised, promoted, prompted, promulgated, pronounced, propagated, propelled, prophesied, proposed, propositioned, propped, proscribed, prosecuted, prospered, prossed, protected, protested, protracted, protruded, provdied, proved, provided, provisioned, provoked, prowled, pruned, publicized, published, puckered, puffed, pulled, pulsed, pulverized, pummeled, pumped, punched, punctuated, punctured, punished, punnished, punted, pupated, purchased, purged, purified, purled, purloined, purported, purposed, pursed, pursued, pushed, putted, puzzled, pyramid.

quacked, quadrupled, qualified, quarreled, quashed, quavered, queried, questioned, queued, quickened, quieted, quilted, quivered, quoted, raced, racked, radiated, radioed, radiosterilized, raged, raid, raided, rained, raised, raked, rallied, rammed, ranged, ranked, ransacked, ranted, raped, rapped, rarified, rasped, rated, ratified, rationalized, rationed, rattled, reached, reacquainted, reacted, reactivated, read, readjusted, reaffirmed, realized, reaped, reappeared, reapportioned, reared, rearmed, rearranged, reasoned, reassembled, reassured, rebelled, rebound, rebuffed, rebuild, rebuked, rebutted, recalculated, recalled, recanted, recaptured, receded, received, recessed, recited, reckoned, reclaimed, reclassified, recognised, recognized, recoiled, recollected, recommend, recommended, reconciled, recond, reconsidered, reconstructed, reconvened, recooned, recopied, record, recorded, recounted, recouped, recovered, recreated, recruited, recurred, reddened, redecorated, redeemed, redefined, redistributed, redoubled, redressed, reduced, reeked, reelected, reeled, reemerged, reentered, referred, refilled, refined, reflected, refolded, reformulated, refracted, refrained, refreshed, refrigerated, refunded, refurbished, refused, refuted, regained, regaled, regard, regarded, regimented, registered, regretted, reground, regrouped, regulated, rehearsed, reigned, reimbursed, reincarnated, reined, reinforced, reinstated, reinterpreted, reiterated, rejected, rejoiced, related, relaxed, relayed, released, relegated, relented, relied, relieved, relinquished, reloaded, relyriced, remained, remanded, remarked, remarried, remembered, remind, reminded, reminisced, remitted, remodeled, remonstrated, removed, renamed, rend, rendered, renewed, renovated, rented, reopened, reorganized, reoriented, repaid, repaired, repealed, repeated, repelled, rephrased, replaced, replanted, replenished, replied, reported, reposed, represented, repressed, reprimanded, reprinted, reproduced, repudiated, repulsed, reputed, requested, required, requisitioned, reread, rescind, rescinded, rescued, resealed, resembled, resented, reserved, reshaped, resided, resifted, resigned, resisted, resolved, resorted, respected, respond, responded, rested, restored, restrained, restricted, restructured, resublimed, resulted, resumed, resurrected, resuspended, retained, retaliated, retard, retarded, retied, retired, retold, retorted, retraced, retracted, retranslated, retreated, retrieved, returned, reunited, revamped, revealed, reveled, reverberated, revered, reversed, reverted, reviewed, reviled, revised, revived, revivified, revoked, revolted, revolutionized, revolved, revved, reward, rewarded, ricocheted, rid, riddled, ridiculed, rifled, rigged, rimmed, ringed, rioted, ripened, ripped, rippled, risked, ritualized, rivaled, rivalled, roamed, roared, roasted, robbed, robed, rocked, roleplayed, rolled, romped, roofed, rooted, roped, rotated, roughed, roughened, round, rounded, roused, routed, roved, rowed.

rubbed, rubberized, ruffled, ruined, ruled, rumbled, rummaged, rumored, rumpled, ruptured, rushed, rusted, rustled, rutted.

sacrificed, saddened, saddled, safeguard, sagged, said, sailed, salted, saluted, sampled, sanctified, sanctioned, sapped, sashayed, satisfied, saturated, saved, savored, sayed, scabbed, scald, scalded, scaled, scalloped, scandalized, scanned, scared, scarred, scattered, scented, scheduled, schooled, scoffed, scooped, scooted, scorched, scored, scorned, scoured, scouted, scowled, scrambled, scraped, scrapped, scratched, scrawled, screamed, screeched, screened, screwed, scribbled, scrimmaged, scrubbed, scrutinized, sculpted, sculptured, scurried.

scuttled, sealed, searched, seasoned, seated, seceded, secluded, secreted, sectionalized, secularized, secured, sed, seduced, seed, seemed, seeped, segregated, seized, selected, send, sensed, sensitized, sentenced, separated, sepulchred, sequenced, serenaded, served, settled, severed, sewed, sexualized.

shacked, shackled, shaded, shadowed, shambled, shamed, shaped, shared, sharpened, shattered, shaved, shed, sheered, sheeted, shelled, sheltered, shelved, shepherd, shied, shield, shielded, shifted, shipped, shipwrecked, shivered, shocked, shod, shortened, shouldered, shouted, shoved, shoveled, showed, showered, shred, shredded, shrieked, shrilled, shriveled, shrouded, shrugged, shuddered, shuffled, shunned, shunted, shuttered, shuttled, sickened, sided, sidled, sifted, sighed, sighted, signaled, signed, signified, silenced, silhouetted, simmered, simplified, simulated, singed, singled, singsonged, sinned, sintered, siphoned, sipped, sired, situated, sized, sizzled, sketched, skidded, skimmed, skipped, skirmished, skirted, skyjacked, slackened, slaked, slammed, slanted, slapped, slashed, slated, slaughtered, slavered, sliced, slid, slimed, slipped, slopped, sloshed, slotted, slowed, slugged, sluiced, slumbered, slumped, slurped.

smacked, smarted, smashed, smeared, smelled, smiled, smirked, smoked, smoldered, smoothed, smothered, smudged, smuggled, snaked, snapped, snared, snarled, snatched, sneaked, sneered, sneezed, snickered, sniffed, sniggered, snorted, snowed, snubbed, snuffed, snuggled.

soaked, soared, sobbed, sobered, socialized, socked, softened, soiled, solaced, sold, soldered, solicited, solved, soothed, sorbed, sorted, sound, sounded, sowered, spaced, spanned, spared, sparked, sparkled, spattered, speared, spearhead, specialized, specified, speckled, speculated, sped, speed, speeded, spellbound, spelled, spend, spiced, spiked, spilled, spiraled, spirited, splashed, splattered, splayed, spliced, splintered, splotched, spoiled, sponged, sponsored, spooned, spotted, spouted, sprained, sprawled, sprayed, spread, sprinkled, sprinted, sprouted, spruced, spurned, spurred, sputtered, squandered, squared, squashed, squatted, squeaked, squealed, squeezed, squelched, squinted, squirmed, squirted, stabbed, stabilized, stabled, stacked, staffed, staged, staggered, staid, stained, staked, stalked, stalled, stammered, stamped, stampeded, stand, standardized, starched, stared, starred, started, startled, starved, stashed, stated, stationed, staved, stayed, steadied, steamed, steeled, steeped, steered, stemmed, steoreotyped, stepped, stereotyped, sterilized, stewed, stiffened, stifled, stimulated, stirred, stitched, stoked, stomped, stoned, stood, stooped, stopped, stored, stormed, stowed, straddled, straggled, straightened, strained, stranded, strangled, strapped, stratified, strayed, streaked, streamed, streamlined, strengtened, strengthened, stressed, stretched, stringed, striped, stripped, stroked, strolled, stropped, structured, struggled, strutted, stubbed, studded, studied, stuffed, stumbled, stumped, stunned, styled, stylized, stymied.

subdued, subjected, sublimed, submerged, submitted, subordinated, subpenaed, subscribed, subsided, subsidized, substituted, subsumed, subtended, subtitled, subtracted, suburbanized, subverted, succeed, succeeded, succumbed, sucked, sued, suffered, suffocated, suffused, sugared, suggested, suited, sulked, sulphured, summarized, summed, summoned, superceded, superimposed, superintend, superseded, supervened, supervised, supplanted, supplemented, supplied, supported, supposed, suppressed, surfaced, surfeited, surged, surmised, surmounted, surpassed, surprised, surrendered, surround, surrounded, surveyed, survived, suspected, suspend, suspended, sustained, swabbed, swaggered, swallowed, swamped, swarmed, swathed, swayed, sweated, swelled, swerved, swindled, swiped, swirled, swished, switched, swooped, symbolized, sympathized, synchronized, syndicated, synthesised, synthesized, systematized, tabulated, tacked, tagged, tailored, tainted, talked, tangled, tanned, taped, tapered, tapped, tarnished, tarpapered, tarred, tasted, tattered, tattooed, taunted, taxed, taxied, teamed, teased, telegraphed, telephoned, telescoped, televised, tempered, tempted, tend, tended, tendered, tensed, termed, terminated, terraced, terrified, terrorized, tested, testified, tethered.

thanked, thawed, thermoformed, thickened, thinned, thirsted, thoriated, thrashed, thread, threaded, threatened, threshed, thrilled, thrived, throbbed, throttled, throwed, thud, thumbed, thumped, thundered, thwarted, ticked, tickled, tidied, tied, tightened, tiled, tilled, tilted, timbered, timed, tinkled, tinplated, tinted, tipped, tired, titled, toasted, toiled, told, tolerated, tolled, tongued, topped, toppled, tormented, tortured, tossed, totaled, totalled, totted, touched, toured, tousled, towed, traced, tracked, traded, traditionalized, trafficked, trailed, trained, tramped, trampled, transcend, transcended, transcribed, transfered, transferred, transformed, transgressed, translated, transmitted, transmuted, transpired, transplanted, transported, transposed, trapped, traveled, travelled, traversed, tread, treasured, treated, trekked, trembled, trespassed, tricked, tried, triggered, trilled, trimmed, tripled, tripped, trotted, troubled, trucked, trudged, truncated, trusted, tucked, tugged, tumbled, tuned, tunneled, turned, tweezed, twigged, twined, twirled, twisted, twitched, twittered, typed, typified, ulcerated.

unbalanced, unbound, unbridled, unburdened, unclenched, uncorked, uncovered, uncurled, underestimated, underlined, undermined, underplayed, underrated, underscored, understand, understanded, understated, understood, undid, undressed, undulated, unearthed, unfastened, unfold, unfolded, unfurled, unhinged, unhitched, unified, united, unitized, unlaced, unlashed, unleashed, unlinked, unload, unloaded, unlocked, unmasked, unrolled, unscrewed, unsealed, unsettled, untied, unveiled, unwired.

updated, upgraded, upheld, uphold, upholstered, upped, upraised, uprooted, urbanized, urged, used, ushered, usurped.

utilized, uttered, vacated, vacuolated, vacuumed, validated, valued, vanished, varied, variegated, veered, veiled, veined, venerated, vented, ventilated, ventured, verified, vested, vetoed, vexed, vibrated, victimized, vied, viewed, vindicated, violated, visited, visualized, vitiated, vivified, voiced, volunteered, voted, vowed, vulcanized.

wadded, waded, waged, wagged, waggled, wailed, waited, waived, waked, wakened, walked, walled, walloped, wallowed, wandered, waned, wangled, wanted, warmed, warned, warped, warranted, warred, washed, wasted, watched, watered, waved, waxed, waylaid.

weakened, weaned, wearied, wed, wedded, wedged, weed, weeded, weighed, weighted, welcomed, weld, welded, welled, whacked, wheedled, wheeled, wheezed, whetted, whined, whinnied, whipped, whipsawed, whirled, whisked, whispered, whistled, whitened, whitewashed, whizzed, widened, widowed, wield, wielded, wiggled, willed, wilted, winced, wind, winded, winged, winked, wintered, wiped, wired, wisecracked, wised, wished, withered, withheld, withhold, withstand, withstood, witnessed, wobbled, wondered, wooed, worded, worked, worried, worsened, worshiped, worshipped, wound, wounded, wracked, wrangled, wrapped, wreathed, wrecked, wrenched, wrinkled, writhed, wronged, yanked, yeard, yearned, yelled, yellowed, yelped, yield, yielded, zeroed.


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