Verbs that start with be

Here is a list of verbs that start with BE.

beaching, beaded, beaming, bear, bearded

bearing, bears, beat, beaten, beating

beats, beautify, beautifying, becalmed, became

beckon, beckoned, beckoning, beckons, become

becomes, becometh, becoming, bedazzled, bedded

beefed, befall, befell, befits, befitting

befogged, befouled, befuddled, befuddles, befuddling

beg, began, beget, begged, begging

begin, beginning, begins, begotten, begrudge

begs, beguile, beguiled, begun, behave

behaved, behaves, behaving, beheading, beheld

behold, beholds, behooves, belaboring, belched

belching, belied, believe, believed, believes

believeth, believing, belittling, bellowed, bellowing

bellows, belong, belonged, belonging, belongs

belted, belts, bemaddening, bemoan, bemoans

bench, benched, bend, bending, bends

benefit, benefited, benefits, bent, bequeathed

berated, beseech, beset, besets, besetting

besiege, besieged, besieging, besmirch, besmirched

besmirching, bespeak, bespeaks, best, bested

bestow, bestowed, bet, bethought, betide

betray, betrayed, betraying, betrays, betrothed

better, bettering, betting, bevel, beveled

bewail, beware, bewildered, bewilders, bewitched


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