Verbs that start with br

Here is a list of verbs that start with BR.

brace, braced, bracing, brag, bragged

bragging, braided, braiding, branch, branched

branching, branded, brandishing, brave, braved

braving, braweling, braying, breaching, break

breakfasted, breakin, breaking, breaks, breathe

breathed, breathes, breathing, bred, breed

breeding, brewed, brewing, bribe, bribed

bridge, bridges, briefed, briefing, brightened

brightens, brimmed, bring, bringing, brings

bristle, bristled, bristles, bristling, broach

broached, broadcast, broadcasting, broaden, broadened

broadening, broadens, broil, broiled, brok

broke, broken, bronzed, brooding, brooked

brooken, brought, browbeaten, browning, browsing

bruise, bruised, bruising, bruited, brush

brushed, brushing, brutalized, brynge

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