Verbs that start with po

Here is a list of verbs that start with PO.

poach, poaches, pocketed, poetizing, point

pointed, pointing, points, poised, poison

poisoned, poisoning, poke, poked, pokes

poking, polarize, polarized, polarizing, policed

policing, poling, polish, polished, polishing

polled, polling, polluted, pomaded, ponder

pondered, pondering, pontificates, pooched, pool

pooled, pooling, pop, popped, popping

pops, populate, populated, pored, poring

portended, portray, portrayed, portraying, portrays

pose, posed, poses, posing, position

positioned, possess, possessed, possesses, possessing

post, posted, postpone, postponed, postponing

postulate, postulated, potted, potting, pound

pounded, pounding, pour, poured, pouring

pours, pouted, powdered, power, powered


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