Verbs that start with pr

Here is a list of verbs that start with PR.

practice, practiced, practices, practicing, practised

practising, prai, praise, praised, praises

praising, prancing, pray, prayed, praying

preach, preached, preaches, preaching, prearranged

precede, preceded, precedes, preceding, preceeded

preceeding, precipitated, precipitating, preclude, precluded

preconceived, preconditioned, precooked, precut, predestined

predetermined, predict, predicted, predicting, predicts

predigested, predisposed, predominated, predominates, predominating

preening, prefabricated, prefaced, prefer, preferred

preferring, prefers, prefuh, preisolated, prejudged

prejudice, prejudiced, preoccupied, preoccupies, prepackaged

prepare, prepared, prepares, preparing, preponderating

preprepared, preprinting, presage, presaged, prescribe

prescribed, prescribes, present, presented, presenting

presents, preserve, preserved, preserves, preserving

preside, presided, presides, presiding, press

pressed, presses, pressing, pressure, presume

presumed, presumes, presuming, presuppose, presupposed

presupposes, pretend, pretended, pretending, pretends

prevail, prevaile, prevailed, prevailing, prevails

prevayle, prevent, prevented, preventing, prevents

preying, price, priced, pricing, prick

pricked, pricking, pride, prides, primed

priming, primping, print, printed, printing

prize, prized, probe, probed, probing

proceed, proceeded, proceeding, proceeds, process

processed, processing, proclaim, proclaimed, proclaiming

proclaims, procrastinate, procure, procured, prod

prodded, prodding, produce, produced, produces

producing, profess, professed, professes, professing

proffered, profit, profited, program, programed

programing, programmed, programming, progress, progressed

progresses, progressing, prohibit, prohibited, prohibiting

prohibits, project, projected, projecting, projects

proliferated, prolong, prolonged, prolonging, prolongs

promise, promised, promises, promising, promote

promoted, promotes, promoting, prompt, prompted

prompts, promulgated, promulgating, pronounce, pronounced

pronouncing, prop, propagate, propagated, propel

propelled, propelling, prophesied, prophesies, propitiate

propose, proposed, proposes, proposing, propositioned

propped, propping, prorate, proscribe, proscribed

prosecute, prosecuted, prosecuting, proselytizing, prosper

prospered, prospering, prospers, prossed, prostitute

protect, protected, protecting, protects, protest

protested, protesting, protests, protracted, protrude

protruded, protruding, provdied, prove, proved

proven, proves, provide, provided, provides

providing, proving, provisioned, provoke, provoked

provokes, prowl, prowled, prowling, pruned

pry, prying

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