Verbs that start with pa

Here is a list of verbs that start with PA.

pace, paced, pacifies, pacify, pacing

pack, package, packaged, packaging, packed

packing, pad, padded, padding, paddle

padlocked, page, paginated, paid, paide

paie, pained, paint, painted, painting

paints, paired, paled, paling, pall

palletized, palmed, pamper, pampered, pan

paneled, panelized, panic, panicked, panted

panting, pantomimed, paper, parade, paraded

parades, parading, parallel, paralleled, paralleling

parallels, paralyze, paralyzed, paralyzes, paraphrasing

parboiled, parceled, parched, pardon, pardoned

pare, park, parked, parking, parlayed

parley, parodied, parried, parroting, part

partake, partakes, partaking, parted, participate

participated, participates, participating, parting, partnered

partook, party, pass, passed, passes

passing, paste, pasted, pasting, pat

patched, patented, patrol, patrolled, patrolling

patronize, patronized, patronizing, patted, pattered

pattern, patterned, patting, pause, paused

pauses, pausing, pave, paved, paving

paw, pawing, pay, paying, pays

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