Verbs that start with p

Here is a list of verbs that start with P. Verbs may appear in the below word list in a variety of tense such as past and present, and many types of P verbs are included in this online resource such as action verbs. Being able to find the right verb starting with P can be very useful for writers, college students, and anyone who likes English verbs.

pace, paced, pacifies, pacify, pacing, pack, package, packaged, packaging, packed, packing, pad, padded, padding, paddle, padlocked, page, paginated, paid, paide, paie, pained, paint, painted, painting, paints, paired, paled, paling, pall, palletized, palmed, pamper, pampered, pan, paneled, panelized, panic, panicked, panted, panting, pantomimed, paper, parade, paraded, parades, parading, parallel, paralleled, paralleling, parallels, paralyze, paralyzed, paralyzes, paraphrasing, parboiled, parceled, parched, pardon, pardoned, pare, park, parked, parking, parlayed, parley, parodied, parried, parroting, part, partake, partakes, partaking, parted, participate, participated, participates, participating, parting, partnered, partook, party, pass, passed, passes, passing, paste, pasted, pasting, pat, patched, patented, patrol, patrolled, patrolling, patronize, patronized, patronizing, patted, pattered, pattern, patterned, patting, pause, paused, pauses, pausing, pave, paved, paving, paw, pawing, pay, paying, pays.

peck, pecked, pedal, peddle, peddled, peed, peeked, peeking, peel, peeled, peeling, peels, peeping, peer, peered, peering, peers, pegged, pegging, pelting, pen, penalized, penciled, penetrate, penetrated, penetrating, penned, people, peopled, peppered, pepping, peptizing, perceive, perceived, perceives, perceiving, perch, perched, perfected, perfecting, perforated, perform, performed, performing, performs, perfumed, perish, perished, perishes, perishing, perk, permeate, permeated, permeates, permit, permits, permitted, permitting, perpetrated, perpetuate, perpetuated, perpetuating, perplex, perplexed, persecuted, perseveres, persist, persisted, persisting, persists, personalized, personified, personifies, personifying, perspired, perspiring, persuade, persuaded, persuading, pertain, pertained, pertaining, pertains, perturbed, perusing, pervaded, pervades, pervading, perverted, pester, pestering, petered, petition, petitioned, petitions, petrified, petted, petting.


philosophized, philosophizing, phone, phoned, phones, photograph, photographed, photographing, photographs, phrase, phrased, phrasing.

pick, picked, picketed, picketing, picking, pickled, picks, picnicked, picture, pictured, pictures, picturing, piddling, piece, pierced, piercing, pile, piled, piles, pilfering, piling, pillage, pillaged, pillared, pilloried, pilot, piloting, pin, pinch, pinched, pinching, pinging, pinioned, pinned, pinning, pinpoint, pinpointing, pioneer, pioneered, pioneering, piped, piping, piss, pit, pitch, pitched, pitching, pitied, pity, pivoting.

placating, place, placed, places, placing, plague, plagued, plan, plane, planed, plank, planned, planning, plans, plant, planted, planting, plastered, plated, platted, play, played, playing, plays, plead, pleaded, pleading, pleads, please, pleased, pleases, pleasure, pledged, plied, plinking, plod, plodded, plodding, plopped, plot, plots, plotted, plotting, plow, plowed, plowing, pluck, plucked, plucking, plug, plugged, plugging, plumbed, plumed, plummeting, plumped, plunder, plunge, plunged, plunges, plunging, plunking.

poach, poaches, pocketed, poetizing, point, pointed, pointing, points, poised, poison, poisoned, poisoning, poke, poked, pokes, poking, polarize, polarized, polarizing, policed, policing, poling, polish, polished, polishing, polled, polling, polluted, pomaded, ponder, pondered, pondering, pontificates, pooched, pool, pooled, pooling, pop, popped, popping, pops, populate, populated, pored, poring, portended, portray, portrayed, portraying, portrays, pose, posed, poses, posing, position, positioned, possess, possessed, possesses, possessing, post, posted, postpone, postponed, postponing, postulate, postulated, potted, potting, pound, pounded, pounding, pour, poured, pouring, pours, pouted, powdered, power, powered, powers.

practice, practiced, practices, practicing, practised, practising, prai, praise, praised, praises, praising, prancing, pray, prayed, praying, preach, preached, preaches, preaching, prearranged, precede, preceded, precedes, preceding, preceeded, preceeding, precipitated, precipitating, preclude, precluded, preconceived, preconditioned, precooked, precut, predestined, predetermined, predict, predicted, predicting, predicts, predigested, predisposed, predominated, predominates, predominating, preening, prefabricated, prefaced, prefer, preferred, preferring, prefers, prefuh, preisolated, prejudged, prejudice, prejudiced, preoccupied, preoccupies, prepackaged, prepare, prepared, prepares, preparing, preponderating, preprepared, preprinting, presage, presaged, prescribe, prescribed, prescribes, present, presented, presenting, presents, preserve, preserved, preserves, preserving, preside, presided, presides, presiding, press, pressed, presses, pressing, pressure, presume, presumed, presumes, presuming, presuppose, presupposed, presupposes, pretend, pretended, pretending, pretends, prevail, prevaile, prevailed, prevailing, prevails, prevayle, prevent, prevented, preventing, prevents, preying, price, priced, pricing, prick, pricked, pricking, pride, prides, primed, priming, primping, print, printed, printing, prize, prized, probe, probed, probing, proceed, proceeded, proceeding, proceeds, process, processed, processing, proclaim, proclaimed, proclaiming, proclaims, procrastinate, procure, procured, prod, prodded, prodding, produce, produced, produces, producing, profess, professed, professes, professing, proffered, profit, profited, program, programed, programing, programmed, programming, progress, progressed, progresses, progressing, prohibit, prohibited, prohibiting, prohibits, project, projected, projecting, projects, proliferated, prolong, prolonged, prolonging, prolongs, promise, promised, promises, promising, promote, promoted, promotes, promoting, prompt, prompted, prompts, promulgated, promulgating, pronounce, pronounced, pronouncing, prop, propagate, propagated, propel, propelled, propelling, prophesied, prophesies, propitiate, propose, proposed, proposes, proposing, propositioned, propped, propping, prorate, proscribe, proscribed, prosecute, prosecuted, prosecuting, proselytizing, prosper, prospered, prospering, prospers, prossed, prostitute, protect, protected, protecting, protects, protest, protested, protesting, protests, protracted, protrude, protruded, protruding, provdied, prove, proved, proven, proves, provide, provided, provides, providing, proving, provisioned, provoke, provoked, provokes, prowl, prowled, prowling, pruned, pry, prying.

publicized, publicizing, publish, published, publishes, publishing, puckered, puckering, puff, puffed, puffing, puffs, pull, pulled, pulling, pulls, pulsating, pulse, pulsed, pulsing, pulverized, pulverizing, pummeled, pump, pumped, pumping, punch, punched, punching, punctuated, punctured, puncturing, punish, punished, punishes, punishing, punnished, punted, pupated, pupates, purchase, purchased, purchases, purchasing, purge, purged, purges, purging, purified, purify, purifying, purled, purling, purloined, purpling, purport, purported, purporting, purports, purposed, purring, pursed, pursue, pursued, pursues, pursuing, push, pushed, pushes, pushing, put, puts, putt, putted, puttering, putting, puzzle, puzzled, puzzling.

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