Verbs that start with pro

Here is a list of verbs that start with PRO.

probe, probed, probing, proceed, proceeded

proceeding, proceeds, process, processed, processing

proclaim, proclaimed, proclaiming, proclaims, procrastinate

procure, procured, prod, prodded, prodding

produce, produced, produces, producing, profess

professed, professes, professing, proffered, profit

profited, program, programed, programing, programmed

programming, progress, progressed, progresses, progressing

prohibit, prohibited, prohibiting, prohibits, project

projected, projecting, projects, proliferated, prolong

prolonged, prolonging, prolongs, promise, promised

promises, promising, promote, promoted, promotes

promoting, prompt, prompted, prompts, promulgated

promulgating, pronounce, pronounced, pronouncing, prop

propagate, propagated, propel, propelled, propelling

prophesied, prophesies, propitiate, propose, proposed

proposes, proposing, propositioned, propped, propping

prorate, proscribe, proscribed, prosecute, prosecuted

prosecuting, proselytizing, prosper, prospered, prospering

prospers, prossed, prostitute, protect, protected

protecting, protects, protest, protested, protesting

protests, protracted, protrude, protruded, protruding

provdied, prove, proved, proven, proves

provide, provided, provides, providing, proving

provisioned, provoke, provoked, provokes, prowl

prowled, prowling

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