Verbs that start with de

Here is a list of verbs that start with DE.

deactivated, deadened, deafened, deal, dealing

deals, dealt, debate, debated, debating

debilitated, debunking, debuting, debuts, decanted

decanting, decay, decayed, decaying, decays

deceive, deceived, deceives, deceiving, decelerate

decentralizing, decertify, decide, decided, decides

deciding, deck, decked, declaimed, declare

declared, declares, declaring, decline, declined

declines, declining, decompose, decomposes, decomposing

decorate, decorated, decorating, decorticated, decrease

decreased, decreases, decreasing, decreed, decreeing

decrees, decried, decry, decrying, dedicated

dedicates, dedifferentiated, deduce, deduced, deducing

deduct, deducted, deducting, deed, deeds

deem, deemed, deeming, deepen, deepened

defaulted, defeat, defeated, defeating, defecated

defend, defended, defending, defends, defer

deferred, deferring, defied, define, defined

defines, defining, deflated, defocusing, defraud

defray, defrost, defy, defying, degassed

degenerated, deglycerolized, degrade, degraded, degrading

dehumanised, dehumanize, dehumidified, dehydrated, deigned

delay, delayed, delays, delegate, delegated

delegating, delight, delighted, delighting, delights

delimit, delimits, delineated, delineating, deliver

delivered, delivering, delivers, delivre, deloused

delude, deluded, deluding, deluged, delving

demand, demanded, demanding, demands, demarcated

demeans, demented, democratize, demolished, demonstrate

demonstrated, demonstrates, demonstrating, demoralize, demoralized

demoralizes, demoralizing, demoted, demurred, demythologize

demythologized, demythologizing, denied, denies, denominated

denote, denoted, denotes, denoting, denounce

denounced, denounces, denouncing, dented, denting

denuded, deny, denying, depart, departed

departing, departs, depend, depended, depending

depends, depersonalized, depict, depicted, depicting

deplore, deplored, deplores, deployed, deploying

deport, depose, deposed, deposit, deposited

depraved, depress, depressed, depresses, deprive

deprived, depriving, deputized, deranged, derive

derived, derives, deriving, derogate, descend

descended, descending, descends, describe, described

describes, describing, desecrated, desegregated, desensitized

desert, deserted, deserts, deserve, deserved

deserves, design, designate, designated, designates

designating, designed, designing, designs, desire

desired, desires, desiring, despair, despairing

despatched, despise, despised, despises, despising

despoiled, despoiling, dessier, destined, destroy

destroyed, destroying, desynchronizing, detach, detached

detail, detailed, detain, detained, detect

detected, detecting, deter, deteriorate, deteriorated

deteriorates, deteriorating, determine, determined, determines

determing, determining, detest, detested, detonated

detonating, detoured, detract, detribalize, deuterated

devastate, devastated, devastating, develop, developed

developing, develops, deviate, deviated, deviating

devise, devised, devising, devote, devoted

devoting, devour, devoured

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