Verbs that start with d

Here is a list of verbs that start with D. Verbs may appear in the below word list in a variety of tense such as past and present, and many types of D verbs are included in this online resource such as action verbs. Being able to find the right verb starting with D can be very useful for writers, college students, and anyone who likes English verbs.

dabbed, dabbing, dabbled, dabbles, dabbling, dam, damage, damaged, damages, damaging, damed, dammed, damn, damned, damning, dampen, dampened, dampening, dance, danced, dances, dancing, danged, dangle, dangled, dangling, dappled, dare, dared, dares, daring, darkened, darkening, darn, darned, darted, darting, dash, dashed, dashes, dashing, date, dated, datelined, dates, dating, daubed, daunt, daunted, dawn, dawning, dawns, daydreamed, dazed, dazzle, dazzled, dazzles, dazzling.

deactivated, deadened, deafened, deal, dealing, deals, dealt, debate, debated, debating, debilitated, debunking, debuting, debuts, decanted, decanting, decay, decayed, decaying, decays, deceive, deceived, deceives, deceiving, decelerate, decentralizing, decertify, decide, decided, decides, deciding, deck, decked, declaimed, declare, declared, declares, declaring, decline, declined, declines, declining, decompose, decomposes, decomposing, decorate, decorated, decorating, decorticated, decrease, decreased, decreases, decreasing, decreed, decreeing, decrees, decried, decry, decrying, dedicated, dedicates, dedifferentiated, deduce, deduced, deducing, deduct, deducted, deducting, deed, deeds, deem, deemed, deeming, deepen, deepened, defaulted, defeat, defeated, defeating, defecated, defend, defended, defending, defends, defer, deferred, deferring, defied, define, defined, defines, defining, deflated, defocusing, defraud, defray, defrost, defy, defying, degassed, degenerated, deglycerolized, degrade, degraded, degrading, dehumanised, dehumanize, dehumidified, dehydrated, deigned, delay, delayed, delays, delegate, delegated, delegating, delight, delighted, delighting, delights, delimit, delimits, delineated, delineating, deliver, delivered, delivering, delivers, delivre, deloused, delude, deluded, deluding, deluged, delving, demand, demanded, demanding, demands, demarcated, demeans, demented, democratize, demolished, demonstrate, demonstrated, demonstrates, demonstrating, demoralize, demoralized, demoralizes, demoralizing, demoted, demurred, demythologize, demythologized, demythologizing, denied, denies, denominated, denote, denoted, denotes, denoting, denounce, denounced, denounces, denouncing, dented, denting, denuded, deny, denying, depart, departed, departing, departs, depend, depended, depending, depends, depersonalized, depict, depicted, depicting, deplore, deplored, deplores, deployed, deploying, deport, depose, deposed, deposit, deposited, depraved, depress, depressed, depresses, deprive, deprived, depriving, deputized, deranged, derive, derived, derives, deriving, derogate, descend, descended, descending, descends, describe, described, describes, describing, desecrated, desegregated, desensitized, desert, deserted, deserts, deserve, deserved, deserves, design, designate, designated, designates, designating, designed, designing, designs, desire, desired, desires, desiring, despair, despairing, despatched, despise, despised, despises, despising, despoiled, despoiling, dessier, destined, destroy, destroyed, destroying, desynchronizing, detach, detached, detail, detailed, detain, detained, detect, detected, detecting, deter, deteriorate, deteriorated, deteriorates, deteriorating, determine, determined, determines, determing, determining, detest, detested, detonated, detonating, detoured, detract, detribalize, deuterated, devastate, devastated, devastating, develop, developed, developing, develops, deviate, deviated, deviating, devise, devised, devising, devote, devoted, devoting, devour, devoured.

diagnose, diagnosed, diagnosing, diagrammed, dialed, dialing, dialyzed, dice, dictate, dictated, dictates, dictating, diddling, die, died, dies, differ, differed, differentiate, differentiated, differentiating, differing, differs, diffuse, diffused, diffuses, diffusing, dig, digested, digesting, digging, dignified, dignify, digress, digs, dilapidated, dilate, dilated, dilates, dilating, diluted, diluting, dimension, dimensioning, diminish, diminished, diminishes, diminishing, dine, dined, dines, dining, dip, dipped, dipping, direct, directed, directing, directs, disable, disabled, disabling, disabuse, disaffected, disaffiliate, disagree, disagreed, disagrees, disallowed, disappear, disappeared, disappearing, disappears, disappointed, disapprove, disapproved, disapproves, disarm, disarmed, disarming, disarranged, disassemble, disbanded, disbelieve, disbelieved, disbelieves, disbelieving, disbursed, discard, discarded, discern, discerned, discerning, discharge, discharged, discharging, discipline, disciplined, disciplining, disclaimed, disclose, disclosed, discloses, discolored, discolors, disconcert, disconnected, discontinue, discontinued, discorporate, discorporated, discount, discounted, discounting, discourage, discouraged, discouraging, discourse, discover, discovered, discovering, discovers, discredited, discriminate, discriminating, discuss, discussed, discusses, discussing, disdain, disdaining, disdains, disembodied, disenfranchised, disengage, disentangle, disfigured, disgraced, disgruntled, disguise, disguised, disguises, disgusted, dishearten, disheartening, dished, dishes, disheveled, dishonored, dishonouring, disillusioned, disillusioning, disintegrate, disintegrating, disinterred, disjointed, disking, dislike, disliked, dislikes, disliking, dislocated, dislodge, dislodged, dismayed, dismembered, dismiss, dismissed, dismisses, dismissing, dismounted, dismounting, disobeyed, disobeying, disordered, disorganized, disoriented, disown, disowned, dispatch, dispatched, dispatching, dispel, dispell, dispelled, dispense, dispensed, dispensing, disperse, dispersed, dispersing, displace, displaced, displaces, displacing, display, displayed, displaying, displays, displeased, dispose, disposed, dispossessed, disprove, disproving, dispute, disputed, disqualified, disqualify, disregard, disregarded, disregarding, disrobe, disrupt, disrupted, disrupting, disrupts, dissatisfied, dissect, dissembling, disseminated, disseminating, dissent, dissented, dissenting, dissipated, dissipating, dissociated, dissolve, dissolved, dissolving, dissuade, distil, distilled, distilling, distinguish, distinguished, distinguishes, distinguishing, distort, distorted, distract, distracted, distracting, distressed, distribute, distributed, distributes, distributing, distrust, distrusted, disturb, disturbed, disturbing, disunited, dive, dived, diverging, diversified, divert, diverted, diverting, divest, divide, divided, divides, dividing, diving, divining, divorce, divorced, divulging.

dock, docked, docketed, doctored, document, documented, dodge, dodged, dodging, doffing, dogs, doin, doing, dole, doled, domed, domiciled, dominate, dominated, dominates, dominating, domineering, donate, donated, donates, donating, done, donned, donning, doomed, doped, dosed, dot, doting, dotted, dotting, double, doubled, doubles, doubling, doubt, doubted, doubting, doused, dovetail, doweling, down, downed, downgrade, downgraded, downing, dozed, dozing.

draft, drafted, drafting, drag, dragged, dragging, dragooned, drahve, drain, drained, draining, drains, dramatize, dramatizes, dramatizing, drank, draped, draw, drawing, drawled, drawling, drawn, draws, dreaded, dream, dreamed, dreamin, dreaming, dreams, dreamt, drenched, dress, dressed, dressing, drew, drewe, dribbled, dried, dries, drift, drifted, driftin, drifting, drifts, drill, drilled, drilling, drink, drinking, drinks, dripped, dripping, drips, drive, driven, drives, driving, drizzling, droop, drooped, drooping, drop, dropped, dropping, drops, drove, drown, drowned, drowning, drowns, drowsed, drowsing, drugged, drugging, drummed, drumming, druncke, drunk, drunken, dry, drying, drywall.

dubbed, duck, ducked, ducking, dueling, dug, dulled, dulls, dump, dumped, dumping, dunk, duped, duplicate, duplicated, dust, dusted, dusting.

dwarf, dwarfed, dwarfs, dwell, dwelling, dwells, dwelt, dwindle, dwindled, dwindling.

dyed, dyeing, dying, dynamited. has many examples of verbs which begin with various letters. Hope you enjoy this page of verbs that start with d and the rest of this verb list site as well.