Verbs that start with dr

Here is a list of verbs that start with DR.

draft, drafted, drafting, drag, dragged

dragging, dragooned, drahve, drain, drained

draining, drains, dramatize, dramatizes, dramatizing

drank, draped, draw, drawing, drawled

drawling, drawn, draws, dreaded, dream

dreamed, dreamin, dreaming, dreams, dreamt

drenched, dress, dressed, dressing, drew

drewe, dribbled, dried, dries, drift

drifted, driftin, drifting, drifts, drill

drilled, drilling, drink, drinking, drinks

dripped, dripping, drips, drive, driven

drives, driving, drizzling, droop, drooped

drooping, drop, dropped, dropping, drops

drove, drown, drowned, drowning, drowns

drowsed, drowsing, drugged, drugging, drummed

drumming, druncke, drunk, drunken, dry

drying, drywall

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