Verbs that start with dis

Here is a list of verbs that start with DIS.

disable, disabled, disabling, disabuse, disaffected

disaffiliate, disagree, disagreed, disagrees, disallowed

disappear, disappeared, disappearing, disappears, disappointed

disapprove, disapproved, disapproves, disarm, disarmed

disarming, disarranged, disassemble, disbanded, disbelieve

disbelieved, disbelieves, disbelieving, disbursed, discard

discarded, discern, discerned, discerning, discharge

discharged, discharging, discipline, disciplined, disciplining

disclaimed, disclose, disclosed, discloses, discolored

discolors, disconcert, disconnected, discontinue, discontinued

discorporate, discorporated, discount, discounted, discounting

discourage, discouraged, discouraging, discourse, discover

discovered, discovering, discovers, discredited, discriminate

discriminating, discuss, discussed, discusses, discussing

disdain, disdaining, disdains, disembodied, disenfranchised

disengage, disentangle, disfigured, disgraced, disgruntled

disguise, disguised, disguises, disgusted, dishearten

disheartening, dished, dishes, disheveled, dishonored

dishonouring, disillusioned, disillusioning, disintegrate, disintegrating

disinterred, disjointed, disking, dislike, disliked

dislikes, disliking, dislocated, dislodge, dislodged

dismayed, dismembered, dismiss, dismissed, dismisses

dismissing, dismounted, dismounting, disobeyed, disobeying

disordered, disorganized, disoriented, disown, disowned

dispatch, dispatched, dispatching, dispel, dispell

dispelled, dispense, dispensed, dispensing, disperse

dispersed, dispersing, displace, displaced, displaces

displacing, display, displayed, displaying, displays

displeased, dispose, disposed, dispossessed, disprove

disproving, dispute, disputed, disqualified, disqualify

disregard, disregarded, disregarding, disrobe, disrupt

disrupted, disrupting, disrupts, dissatisfied, dissect

dissembling, disseminated, disseminating, dissent, dissented

dissenting, dissipated, dissipating, dissociated, dissolve

dissolved, dissolving, dissuade, distil, distilled

distilling, distinguish, distinguished, distinguishes, distinguishing

distort, distorted, distract, distracted, distracting

distressed, distribute, distributed, distributes, distributing

distrust, distrusted, disturb, disturbed, disturbing


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