Verbs that start with cr

Here is a list of verbs that start with CR.

crack, cracked, cracking, crackled, crackles

cracks, cradled, crammed, crane, crash

crashed, crashing, cratered, crave, craved

craving, crawl, crawled, crawling, crazed

crazing, creaked, creaking, creaks, creamed

creased, create, created, creates, creating

credit, credited, credits, creep, creeping

creeps, cremate, cremated, crept, cried

cries, crimsoning, cringed, cringing, crippled

crippling, crisscrossed, criticize, criticized, criticizing

croaked, croakin, crochet, crocked, crooned

crooning, cropped, cropping, crops, cross

crossed, crosses, crossing, crossroading, crouch

crouched, crouching, crowd, crowded, crowding

crowed, crowing, crown, crowned, crowning

crucified, crucifying, cruising, crumble, crumbled

crumbling, crumpled, crunched, crusading, crush

crushed, crushing, cry, crying, crystallize

crystallized, crystallizing

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