Verbs that start with co

Here is a list of verbs that start with CO.

coaching, coagulating, coalesce, coalesced, coalesces

coarsened, coasted, coat, coated, coating

coax, coaxed, coaxing, cocked, coddled

code, coded, codetermines, codified, coding

coerce, coerced, coexist, cohere, coiled

coiling, coin, coincide, coincided, coincides

coinciding, coined, collaborate, collaborated, collapse

collapsed, collapses, collapsing, collar, collared

collated, collect, collected, collecting, collects

collided, collimated, colonized, color, colored

coloring, colors, coloured, com, combat

combating, combatted, combed, combine, combined

combines, combing, combining, come, comend

comes, comest, cometh, comfort, comforted

comforting, comin, coming, command, commanded

commandeered, commandeering, commanding, commands, commawnded

commemorate, commemorated, commemorates, commemorating, commence

commenced, commences, commencing, commend, commended

commending, commends, comment, commented, commenting

comments, comminge, commingled, commiserate, commissioned

commit, commits, committed, committing, commune

communicate, communicated, communicating, communize, commute

commuted, commutes, commuting, compare, compared

compares, comparing, compass, compel, compelled

compelling, compels, compensate, compensated, compensates

compensating, compete, competed, competes, competing

compile, compiled, compiling, complain, complained

complaining, complains, compleated, complement, complementing

complete, completed, completes, completing, complicate

complicated, complicating, complied, complimented, complimenting

comply, complying, comport, comported, compose

composed, composes, composing, compound, compounded

compounding, compounds, comprehend, comprehended, comprehending

compress, compressed, compresses, compressing, comprise

comprised, comprises, comprising, compromise, compromised

compromising, compute, computed, computes, computing

conceal, concealed, concealing, conceals, concede

conceded, concedes, conceding, conceive, conceived

conceives, conceiving, concentrate, concentrated, concentrates

concentrating, concern, concerned, concerns, conciliate

conclude, concluded, concludes, concluding, concocted

concur, concurred, concurs, condemn, condemned

condemning, condemns, condense, condensed, condensing

condescending, condition, conditioned, conditioning, condoned

conduct, conducted, conducting, conducts, confabulated

confer, conferred, conferring, confers, confess

confessed, confesses, confessing, confide, confided

confiding, confine, confined, confining, confirm

confirmed, confirming, confirms, confiscated, confiscating

conflict, conflicting, conflicts, conform, conformed

conforms, confounded, confounding, confront, confronted

confronting, confronts, confuse, confused, confuses

confusing, congealed, congested, congratulate, congratulated

congregate, congregated, coning, conjectured, conjoined

conjugated, conjugating, conjure, conjured, conjures

connect, connected, connecting, connects, conned

conning, connote, connotes, conpired, conquer

conquered, conquering, conscripted, consent, consented

consenting, conserve, conserves, conserving, consider

considered, considering, considers, consign, consigned

consist, consisted, consisting, consists, consoled

consolidate, consolidated, consolidating, consoling, consorted

consorting, conspire, conspired, conspires, constitute

constituted, constitutes, constituting, constrained, constraining

constricted, constricting, construct, constructed, constructing

construe, construed, construing, consult, consulted

consulting, consume, consumed, consumes, consuming

consummated, contact, contacted, contacting, contacts

contain, contained, containing, contains, contaminate

contaminated, contaminating, contemplate, contemplated, contemplates

contemplating, contend, contended, contending, contends

content, contented, contenting, contest, contested

continue, continued, continues, continuing, contorted

contouring, contract, contracted, contracting, contracts

contradict, contradicted, contradicts, contrast, contrasted

contrasting, contrasts, contribute, contributed, contributes

contributing, contrive, contrived, contriving, control

controlled, controlling, controls, convalescing, convened

conventionalized, converge, converged, converse, conversing

convert, converted, converting, convey, conveyed

conveying, conveys, convict, convicted, convicting

convince, convinced, convincing, convoluted, convulsed

cooing, cook, cooked, cooking, cool

cooled, cooling, cools, cooped, cooperate

cooperated, cooperates, cooperating, coordinate, coordinated

coordinates, coordinating, cope, copes, copied

coping, copy, copying, corded, core

corked, cornered, cornering, corral, corralling

correct, corrected, correlate, correlated, correlating

correspond, corresponded, corresponding, corresponds, corroborate

corroborated, corroborating, corrode, corroding, corrugated

corrupt, corrupted, corrupting, corrupts, cosponsored

cosponsors, cost, coste, costing, costs

costumed, couched, cough, coughed, coughing

counsel, counseled, counseling, count, counted

counter, counteract, counteracted, counteracting, counterattack

counterbalance, counterbalanced, counterbalancing, counterchallenge, countered

counterpointing, countervailing, counting, counts, coupled

coupling, coursing, court, courted, courting

courts, cover, covered, covering, covers

covet, coveted, coveting, cowering

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