Verbs that start with cl

Here is a list of verbs that start with CL.

clad, cladding, claim, claimed, claiming

claims, clambered, clambering, clamor, clamored

clamoring, clamors, clamped, clamping, clanged

clanking, clapped, clapping, claps, clarified

clarifies, clarify, clarifying, clashed, clasped

clasping, class, classed, classified, classify

classifying, clatter, clattered, clattering, clawed

clawing, clean, cleaned, cleaning, cleans

cleansed, cleansing, clear, cleared, clearing

clears, cleaved, cleft, clench, clenched

clenches, clerk, clerking, clicked, clicks

cliffhanging, climax, climaxed, climb, climbed

climbing, clinch, clinched, cling, clinging

clings, clinked, clipped, clobber, clobbered

clobbers, clocked, clog, clogged, clogging

clomped, close, closed, closes, closeted

closing, clot, clothe, clothed, clotted

clouded, clouds, cloying, clubbed, clucked

clucking, clucks, clung, cluster, clustered

clustering, clutch, clutched, clutches, clutching


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