Verbs that start with ch

Here is a list of verbs that start with CH.

chafe, chaffing, chafing, chalk, chalked

challenge, challenged, challenges, challenging, chambered

champion, champions, chance, chanced, chandelle

change, changed, changes, changing, channel

channeled, chant, chanted, chanting, chaperoned

char, characterize, characterized, characterizes, characterizing

charcoaled, charge, charged, charges, charging

charm, charmed, charred, chart, charted

chartered, charting, chase, chased, chasing

chat, chatted, chatter, chattered, chattering

chatting, chauffeured, cheat, cheated, cheating

check, checked, checking, checks, cheer

cheere, cheered, cheering, cherish, cherished

cherishing, chew, chewed, chewing, chicken

chide, chided, chiding, chilled, chilling

chin, chinked, chinning, chipped, chipping

chirped, chiseled, chivying, choke, choked

choking, choose, chooses, choosing, chop

chopped, chopping, choreographed, chortled, chortling

chorused, chose, chosen, christened, christianizing

christsake, chromed, chronicled, chuck, chuckle

chuckled, chuffing, chugging, churned, churning


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