Verbs that start with sw

Here is a list of verbs that start with SW.

swabbed, swaggered, swaggering, swallow, swallowed

swallowing, swam, swamped, swamping, swap

swarm, swarmed, swarming, swathed, sway

swayed, swaying, swear, swearing, swears

sweat, sweated, sweating, sweep, sweeping

swell, swelled, swelling, sweltering, swept

swerve, swerved, swerving, swim, swimming

swindled, swindling, swing, swinging, swiped

swiping, swirled, swirling, swished, switch

switched, switches, switching, swivel, swivels

swollen, swooped, swooping, swoops, swore

sworn, swum, swung

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