Verbs that start with si

Here is a list of verbs that start with SI.

sickened, sickening, sided, sidesteps, siding

sidle, sidled, sifted, sigh, sighed

sighing, sight, sighted, sighting, sightseeing

sign, signal, signaled, signaling, signalizes

signals, signed, signified, signifies, signify

signing, signs, silence, silenced, silencing

silhouetted, simmer, simmered, simplified, simplifies

simplify, simulate, simulated, sin, sing

singed, singing, single, singled, singling

sings, singsonged, sink, sinking, sinned

sinning, sintered, siphoned, sipped, sipping

sired, sit, sits, sitting, situated

size, sized, sizzle, sizzled, sizzling

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