Verbs that start with sc

Here is a list of verbs that start with SC.

scabbed, scairt, scald, scalded, scalding

scale, scaled, scales, scalloped, scampering

scan, scandalized, scanned, scanning, scans

scare, scared, scarify, scaring, scarred

scathing, scattered, scattering, scatters, scavenging

scented, schedule, scheduled, scheduling, scheming

school, schooled, schooling, scintillating, scoffed

scolding, scoop, scooped, scooping, scooted

scooting, scorched, score, scored, scoring

scorned, scour, scoured, scouring, scout

scouted, scouting, scowled, scowling, scrambled

scrambling, scrape, scraped, scrapes, scraping

scrapped, scratch, scratched, scratching, scrawled

scream, screamed, screaming, screeched, screeching

screen, screened, screening, screw, screwed

scribbled, scribe, scribing, scrimmaged, scrounging

scrub, scrubbed, scrubbing, scrutinized, scrutinizing

scudding, scuff, sculpted, sculptured, scurried

scuttled, scuttling

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