Verbs that start with mo

Here is a list of verbs that start with MO.

moan, moaned, moans, mobilize, mobilized

mobilizing, mock, mocked, mocking, model

modeled, modeling, moderates, moderating, modernize

modernized, modernizing, modified, modifies, modify

modifying, modulated, moisten, moistened, moistening

mold, molded, molding, molest, molesting

mollified, mollify, monitored, monitoring, monopolize

mooed, moon, moored, mooring, mop

mopped, mopping, mortared, mortaring, mother

mothered, motioned, motioning, motivate, motivated

motivates, motivating, motor, motoring, mottled

mould, mouldering, mounded, mount, mounted

mounting, mounts, mourn, mourned, mourning

mouthed, mouthing, move, moved, moves

moving, mowed

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