Verbs that start with ma

Here is a list of verbs that start with MA.

maddening, made, magnetized, magnified, magnifies

magnifying, mail, mailed, mailing, maimed

maintain, maintained, maintaining, maintains, major

majored, make, makes, making, maligned

malted, maltreat, man, manage, managed

manages, managing, mandated, maneuver, maneuvered

maneuvering, mangled, manifest, manifested, manifesting

manipulate, manipulated, manipulating, manned, manning

mans, manufacture, manufactured, manufactures, manufacturing

manumitted, map, mapped, mapping, mar

marbleized, marbleizing, march, marched, marches

marching, marinated, marinating, mark, marked

marketed, marketing, markets, marking, marks

marooned, marred, married, marries, marring

marry, marrying, mars, marshal, marshaling

marshalled, marshalling, marvel, marveled, marvelled

maryed, mashed, mashing, mask, masked

masquerade, masquerades, masquerading, mass, massacre

massacred, massage, massaging, massed, massing

master, mastered, mastering, masterminding, match

matched, matches, matching, mate, mated

materialize, materialized, mating, matriculate, matriculated

matter, mattered, matters, mature, matured

maturing, mauling, maximize, maximized, maximizes


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