Verbs that start with mi

Here is a list of verbs that start with MI.

miffed, migrate, migrated, migrates, migrating

militated, milks, milling, mince, minced

mincing, mind, minded, mined, mineralized

mingle, mingled, mingles, mingling, minifying

minimize, minimized, minimizes, minimizing, mining

ministered, ministering, mirror, mirrored, mirrors

misbranded, miscalculated, miscarried, misconstrued, misfired

misgauged, misguided, misinterpret, misinterpreted, misjudged

misleading, misleads, misled, mismanaged, misnamed

misperceives, misplaced, misplacing, misquoted, misrelated

misrepresenting, misrepresents, miss, missed, misses

missing, mistake, mistaken, mistakes, mistaking

misted, mistook, mistrusted, misunderstand, misunderstanding

misunderstood, misuse, miswritten, miter, mitigate

mitigates, mitigating, mix, mixed, mixing

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