Verbs that start with fo

Here is a list of verbs that start with FO.

foam, foamed, foaming, focus, focused

focuses, focusing, focussed, fogged, foil

foiled, foisted, fold, folded, folding

follow, followed, followeth, following, follows

fool, fooled, fooling, footing, foraging

forbad, forbade, forbid, forbidden, forbidding

forbids, forbore, forborne, force, forced

forces, forcing, forebearing, foreboding, forecast

forecasting, foreclosed, foreclosing, forego, foregoing

foregone, foresaw, foresee, foreseeing, foreseen

foreshortened, forestall, foretell, forfeit, forfeited

forgave, forged, forget, forgetting, forging

forgit, forgive, forgiven, forgiving, forgo

forgot, forgotten, fork, forked, form

formalize, formalized, formed, forming, forms

formulate, formulated, formulating, forsake, forsaken

forsakes, forswears, fort, fortified, fortify

forwarded, forwarding, fossilized, foster, fostered

fostering, fosters, fought, foul, fouled

fouling, found, founded, foundering, founding

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