Verbs that start with fa

Here is a list of verbs that start with FA.

fabricate, fabricated, fabricating, face, faced

faces, facilitate, facilitated, facilitates, facilitating

facing, factors, fade, faded, fading

fail, failed, failing, fails, fainted

fairing, fake, faked, fall, fallen

falling, falls, falsify, falsifying, falter

faltered, falters, fan, fancied, fancies

fancy, fancying, fanned, fanning, fans

faring, farm, farmed, farming, fascinate

fascinated, fascinates, fashion, fashioned, fashioning

fashions, fasten, fastened, fastens, father

fathered, fathom, fatigued, fatten, fattening

faulted, favor, favored, favoring, favors

fawned, fawning, faze

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