Verbs that start with fl

Here is a list of verbs that start with FL.

flag, flagellated, flags, flailed, flailing

flake, flame, flamed, flaming, flanked

flanking, flapped, flapping, flared, flares

flaring, flash, flashed, flashing, flatten

flattened, flattening, flatter, flattered, flattering

flaunted, flaunting, flavored, flavoring, flecked

fled, flee, fleeing, flees, fleeting

flew, flex, flexed, flicked, flicker

flickered, flicking, flies, flinching, fling

flip, flipped, flipping, flirt, flirted

flitting, flng, float, floated, floating

floats, flocculated, flock, flocked, flocking

flog, flogged, flood, flooded, flooding

floodlit, flopped, flops, flounced, flounder

floundered, floundering, flounders, floured, flourish

flourished, flourishes, flourishing, flouted, flow

flowed, flower, flowered, flowering, flowing

flown, flows, flubbed, fluctuates, fluctuating

flung, fluoresces, fluorinated, flurried, flurry

flush, flushed, flushing, flustered, fluted

fluttered, fluttering, fly, flying

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