Verbs that start with sp

Here is a list of verbs that start with SP.

space, spaced, spacing, spade, span

spanned, spanning, spans, spare, spared

spares, sparing, spark, sparked, sparkled

sparkles, sparkling, sparks, sparring, spat

spattered, speak, speaking, speaks, spear

speared, spearhead, specialize, specialized, specializes

specializing, specified, specifies, specify, specifying

speckled, speculate, speculated, speculating, sped

speed, speeded, speeding, speeds, spell

spellbound, spelled, spelling, spells, spend

spending, spends, spent, spewing, spice

spiced, spies, spike, spiked, spill

spilled, spilling, spills, spin, spinning

spiral, spiraled, spiraling, spirited, spit

spitting, splashed, splashes, splashing, splattered

splayed, spliced, splinter, splintered, split

splits, splitting, splotched, spoil, spoiled

spoiling, spoke, spoken, sponge, sponged

sponsor, sponsored, sponsoring, sponsors, spooned

sporting, sports, spot, spotlights, spotted

spotting, spouted, spouting, sprained, sprang

sprawl, sprawled, sprawling, spray, sprayed

spraying, spread, spreading, spreads, spring

springing, springs, sprinkle, sprinkled, sprinkling

sprinted, sprout, sprouted, sprouting, spruced

sprung, spun, spur, spurned, spurns

spurred, spurring, sputter, sputtered, spy


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