Verbs that start with re

Here is a list of verbs that start with RE.

reach, reached, reaches, reaching, reacquainted

react, reacted, reacting, reactivated, reacts

read, readapting, reading, readjust, readjusted

reads, ready, readying, reaffirm, reaffirmed

reaffirms, realigning, realize, realized, realizes

realizing, reap, reaped, reaping, reappear

reappeared, reappearing, reappears, reapportioned, rear

reared, rearing, rearmed, rearrange, rearranged

rearranging, reason, reasoned, reasoning, reasons

reassemble, reassembled, reassert, reasserting, reassign

reassure, reassured, reassuring, reawaken, rebel

rebelled, rebelling, rebels, reborn, rebound

rebuffed, rebuild, rebuilding, rebuilds, rebuilt

rebuke, rebuked, rebut, rebutted, recalculated

recall, recalled, recalling, recalls, recanted

recapitulate, recapture, recaptured, receave, recede

receded, receding, receive, received, receives

receiving, recess, recessed, recheck, reciprocate

recite, recited, reciting, reckon, reckoned

reckons, reclaim, reclaimed, reclassified, reclining

recognised, recognize, recognized, recognizes, recognizing

recoil, recoiled, recollect, recollected, recommence

recommend, recommended, recommending, recommends, reconcile

reconciled, reconciles, reconciling, recond, reconditioning

reconsider, reconsidered, reconstruct, reconstructed, reconstructs

reconvened, reconvenes, reconverting, recooned, recopied

record, recorded, recording, records, recount

recounted, recounting, recounts, recouped, recover

recovered, recovering, recovers, recreate, recreated

recreates, recreating, recruit, recruited, recruiting

recuperating, recur, recurred, recurring, reddened

redecorated, redecorating, rededicate, redeem, redeemed

redeeming, redefined, redirect, redirecting, rediscover

rediscovering, redistributed, redistricting, redo, redoubled

redress, redressed, reduce, reduced, reduces

reducing, reek, reeked, reeking, reelected

reeled, reeling, reemerged, reenact, reentered

reestablish, reexamine, refashion, refer, referred

referring, refers, refill, refilled, refinance

refine, refined, refining, reflect, reflected

reflecting, reflects, refolded, reform, reforming

reformulated, refracted, refrain, refrained, refresh

refreshed, refreshing, refrigerated, refuel, refueling

refunded, refurbished, refuse, refused, refuses

refusing, refute, refuted, regain, regained

regaining, regains, regaled, regard, regarded

regarding, regards, regenerates, regenerating, regimented

register, registered, registering, registers, regret

regrets, regretted, reground, regrouped, regulate

regulated, regulating, rehabilitating, rehash, rehearing

rehearse, rehearsed, rehearsing, reign, reigned

reigning, reigns, reimburse, reimbursed, reimburses

reincarnated, reined, reinforce, reinforced, reinforces

reinforcing, reinstall, reinstated, reinterpret, reinterpreted

reintroduces, reiterate, reiterated, reiterates, reiterating

reject, rejected, rejecting, rejects, rejoice

rejoiced, rejoices, rejoicing, rejoin, rejoining

relate, related, relates, relating, relax

relaxed, relaxes, relaxing, relayed, relaying

relearns, release, released, releases, releasing

relegated, relented, relied, relies, relieve

relieved, relieves, relieving, relinquish, relinquished

relinquishing, relish, relishing, relive, relives

reliving, reloaded, rely, relying, relyriced

remain, remained, remaining, remains, remake

remanded, remanding, remark, remarked, remarking

remarks, remarried, remarry, remarrying, remedy

remember, remembered, remembering, remembers, remind

reminded, reminding, reminds, reminisced, reminisces

reminiscing, remitted, remodeled, remodeling, remolding

remonstrate, remonstrated, remounting, remove, removed

removes, removing, renamed, rend, render

rendered, rendering, renders, renew, renewed

renewing, renews, renouncing, renovated, rent

rented, renting, reopen, reopened, reopening

reorder, reorganize, reorganized, reorganizing, reoriented

repaid, repainting, repair, repaired, repairing

repay, repealed, repeat, repeated, repeating

repeats, repel, repelled, repels, repent

rephrased, replace, replaced, replaces, replacing

replanted, replenish, replenished, replied, replies

reply, replying, report, reported, reporting

reports, reposed, represent, represented, representing

represents, repress, repressed, reprimanded, reprinted

reproach, reproaches, reprobating, reproduce, reproduced

reproduces, reproducing, repudiate, repudiated, repudiating

repulsed, reputed, request, requested, requesting

requests, require, required, requires, requiring

requisitioned, reread, rescind, rescinded, rescue

rescued, rescuing, resealed, researching, resemble

resembled, resembles, resembling, resent, resented

reserve, reserved, reserves, reserving, resettling

reshaped, reshapes, reside, resided, resides

residing, resifted, resign, resigned, resigning

resigns, resist, resisted, resisting, resists

resolve, resolved, resolves, resolving, resort

resorted, resorting, resounding, resounds, respect

respected, respecting, respects, respond, responded

responding, responds, rest, restates, restating

rested, resting, restock, restore, restored

restoring, restrain, restrained, restraining, restrains

restrict, restricted, restricting, restricts, restructured

rests, resublimed, result, resulted, resulting

results, resume, resumed, resuming, resurrected

resurrecting, resuspended, retail, retailing, retain

retained, retaining, retains, retaliate, retaliated

retaliating, retard, retarded, retarding, retch

retell, rethink, retied, retire, retired

retires, retiring, retold, retort, retorted

retraced, retracing, retracted, retraining, retranslated

retreat, retreated, retreating, retrenching, retrieve

retrieved, retrograde, return, returned, returning

returns, reunite, reunited, reuniting, reupholstering

revamped, revamping, reveal, revealed, revealing

reveals, revel, reveled, reveling, revelling

reverberated, revered, reverence, reverse, reversed

reverses, reversing, revert, reverted, review

reviewed, reviewing, reviews, reviled, revise

revised, revising, revitalize, revive, revived

revivified, reviving, revoked, revolted, revolutionized

revolve, revolved, revolves, revolving, revved

reward, rewarded, rewrite, rewrites, rewriting


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