Verbs that start with rec

Here is a list of verbs that start with REC.

recalculated, recall, recalled, recalling, recalls

recanted, recapitulate, recapture, recaptured, receave

recede, receded, receding, receive, received

receives, receiving, recess, recessed, recheck

reciprocate, recite, recited, reciting, reckon

reckoned, reckons, reclaim, reclaimed, reclassified

reclining, recognised, recognize, recognized, recognizes

recognizing, recoil, recoiled, recollect, recollected

recommence, recommend, recommended, recommending, recommends

reconcile, reconciled, reconciles, reconciling, recond

reconditioning, reconsider, reconsidered, reconstruct, reconstructed

reconstructs, reconvened, reconvenes, reconverting, recooned

recopied, record, recorded, recording, records

recount, recounted, recounting, recounts, recouped

recover, recovered, recovering, recovers, recreate

recreated, recreates, recreating, recruit, recruited

recruiting, recuperating, recur, recurred, recurring

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