Verbs that start with en

Here is a list of verbs that start with EN.

enable, enabled, enables, enabling, enact

enacted, enacting, enameling, enamelled, encamp

encamped, encased, enchained, enchant, enchanted

enciphered, encircle, encircled, enclosed, encloses

enclosing, encompass, encompassed, encompasses, encounter

encountered, encounters, encourage, encouraged, encourages

encouraging, encroach, encroached, encroaching, encrusted

encumbered, end, endanger, endangered, endangering

endeared, endeavor, endeavored, endeavoring, ended

ending, endorse, endorsed, endorsing, endow

endowed, endows, ends, endure, endured

endures, enduring, energized, energizes, enervating

enforce, enforced, enforces, enforcing, engage

engaged, engages, engaging, engender, engendered

engineering, engraved, engrossed, engulfed, engulfing

engulfs, enhance, enhanced, enhances, enhancing

enjoin, enjoined, enjoy, enjoyed, enjoying

enjoys, enlargd, enlarge, enlarged, enlarging

enlighten, enlightened, enlist, enlisted, enlists

enlivened, enmeshed, enquired, enraged, enraptured

enrich, enriched, enriching, enroll, enrolled

enrolling, ensconced, enslave, enslaved, ensue

ensued, ensues, ensuing, ensure, ensures

ensuring, entail, entails, enter, enter’d

entered, entering, enters, entertain, entertained

entertaining, enterteyned, enthralled, enthralling, enthrones

enticing, entitle, entitled, entitles, entombed

entranced, entreat, entreated, entrenched, entrust

entrusted, entrusting, entwined, enumerated, enunciate

enunciated, enveloping, envenomed, envied, environing

envisaged, envisages, envision, envisioned, envisions


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