Verbs that start with ad

Here is a list of verbs that start with AD.

adapt, adapted, adapting, add, added

addicted, adding, address, addressed, addresses

addressing, adds, adduce, adhere, adhered

adheres, adjoined, adjoining, adjoins, adjourned

adjourning, adjourns, adjudged, adjudging, adjudicate

adjust, adjusted, adjusting, adjusts, administer

administered, administering, administers, admire, admired

admires, admiring, admit, admits, admitted

admitting, admixed, admonished, admonishing, adopt

adopted, adopting, adopts, adore, adored

adores, adorn, adorned, adorns, adsorbed

adsorbs, adulterated, advance, advanced, advances

advancing, adventure, adventuring, advertise, advertised

advertises, advertising, advise, advised, advises

advising, advocate, advocated, advocating

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