Verbs that start with a

Here is a list of verbs that start with A. Verbs may appear in the below word list in a variety of tense such as past and present, and many types of A verbs are included in this online resource such as action verbs. Being able to find the right verb starting with A can be very useful for writers, college students, and anyone who likes English verbs.

abandon, abandoned, abandoning, abated, abbreviated, abetted, abhorred, abide, abides, abiding, ablated, abolish, abolished, abound, abounded, abounding, abounds, abridged, abrogated, absent, absented, absorb, absorbed, absorbing, absorbs, abstain, abstaining, abstract, abstracted, abstracting, abuse, abused.

accede, acceded, accelerate, accelerated, accelerating, accented, accentuate, accentuated, accentuates, accept, accepted, accepting, accepts, acclaimed, acclaims, acclimatized, accommodate, accommodated, accommodates, accommodating, accompanied, accompanies, accompany, accompanying, accomplish, accomplished, accomplishes, accomplishing, accord, accorded, according, accords, accosted, accosting, account, accounted, accounting, accounts, accredited, accrued, accrues, accruing, acculturated, accumulate, accumulated, accumulates, accumulating, accuse, accused, accuses, accusing, accustomed, ache, ached, aches, achieve, achieved, achieves, achieving, aching, acknowledge, acknowledged, acknowledges, acknowledging, acquaint, acquainted, acquiesce, acquiesced, acquire, acquired, acquires, acquiring, acquitted, act, acted, acting, activate, activated, activating, acts, actuate, actuated.

adapt, adapted, adapting, add, added, addicted, adding, address, addressed, addresses, addressing, adds, adduce, adhere, adhered, adheres, adjoined, adjoining, adjoins, adjourned, adjourning, adjourns, adjudged, adjudging, adjudicate, adjust, adjusted, adjusting, adjusts, administer, administered, administering, administers, admire, admired, admires, admiring, admit, admits, admitted, admitting, admixed, admonished, admonishing, adopt, adopted, adopting, adopts, adore, adored, adores, adorn, adorned, adorns, adsorbed, adsorbs, adulterated, advance, advanced, advances, advancing, adventure, adventuring, advertise, advertised, advertises, advertising, advise, advised, advises, advising, advocate, advocated, advocating.

aerate, aerated, aerates, aerosolized.

affect, affected, affecting, affects, affianced, affied, affiliated, affirm, affirmed, affirming, affirms, affix, affixed, afflicted, afford, afforded, affording, affords, affronted, affronting.

age, aged, agglomerate, agglutinating, aggravate, aggravated, aggravates, aggrieved, aging, agitate, agitated, agitating, agonized, agonizes, agree, agreed, agreeing, agrees.

aid, aided, aiding, aids, ailing, aim, aimed, aiming, aims, aired.

alarm, alarmed, alarming, alert, alerted, alerting, alerts, alienate, alienated, alienates, alight, align, aligned, aligning, allay, allege, alleged, alleging, alleviate, alleviating, allied, allocate, allocated, allot, alloted, allotted, allotting, allow, allowed, allowing, allows, alluded, alludes, alluding, alluring, alphabetized, alter, altered, altering, alternate, alternated, alternating, alters.

amalgamated, amass, amaze, amazed, ambled, ambling, ambush, ambushed, amend, amended, amending, amortize, amount, amounted, amounting, amounts, amplified, amplify, amplifying, amputated, amuse, amused.

analysed, analyze, analyzed, analyzes, analyzing, anchored, anchoring, anemated, anesthetized, angered, angle, angling, anguished, animated, animized, annex, annihilate, announce, announced, announces, announcing, annoy, annoyed, annoys, annunciated, ansuh, answer, answered, answering, answers, antagonised, antagonize, anticipate, anticipated, anticipates, anticipating, antiquated.

apologize, apologized, appalled, appareled, appeal, appealed, appealing, appeals, appear, appeared, appearing, appears, appease, appeased, appeasing, appended, applaud, applauded, applauding, applied, applies, apply, applying, appoint, appointed, appointing, appoints, apportion, apportioned, appraise, appraised, appraising, appreciate, appreciated, appreciates, appreciating, apprehend, apprehended, apprenticed, approach, approached, approaches, approaching, appropriate, appropriated, appropriates, appropriating, approve, approved, approves, approving, approximate, approximated.

arbitrate, arbitrated, arch, archaized, arched, arches, arching, argue, argued, argues, arguing, arise, arisen, arises, arising, arithmetized, arm, armed, armored, arose, arouse, aroused, arouses, arousing, arraigned, arraigning, arrange, arranged, arranges, arranging, arrayed, arrest, arrested, arresting, arrive, arrived, arrives, arriving, arrogate, articulate, articulated.

ascend, ascended, ascending, ascertain, ascertained, ascribe, ascribed, ascribes, ask, asked, asking, asks, aspire, aspired, aspires, aspiring, assail, assailed, assailing, assassinated, assaulted, assaulting, assaults, assayed, assaying, assemble, assembled, assembling, assented, assert, asserted, asserting, asserts, assess, assessed, assessing, assign, assigned, assigning, assigns, assimilate, assimilated, assist, assisted, assisting, associate, associated, associates, associating, assorted, assuaged, assume, assumed, assumes, assuming, assure, assured, assures, assuring, astonished, astound, astounded.

ate, atone, atrophied, attach, attached, attaches, attaching, attack, attacked, attacking, attacks, attain, attained, attaining, attains, attempt, attempted, attempting, attempts, attend, attended, attending, attends, attest, attested, attesting, attired, attract, attracted, attracting, attracts, attribute, attributed, attributes, attributing, attuned.

audited, auditing, audition, auditioning, augment, augmented, augmenting, augurs, authenticate, authenticated, authorize, authorized, authorizes, authorizing, automate, automated, autopsied, autopsy.

avail, availed, availing, avenge, avenging, average, averaged, averaging, avert, averted, averting, avoid, avoided, avoiding, avoids, avowed.

await, awaited, awaiting, awaits, awake, awaken, awakened, awakening, awakens, award, awarded, awarding, awed, awoke. has many examples of verbs which begin with various letters. Hope you enjoy this page of verbs that start with a and the rest of this verb list site as well.

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