Verbs that start with tr

Here is a list of verbs that start with TR.

trace, traced, traces, tracing, track

tracked, tracking, trade, traded, trades

trading, traditionalized, trafficked, trail, trailed

trailing, train, trained, training, trains

traipsing, trammel, tramped, trample, trampled

transact, transcend, transcended, transcending, transcends

transcribe, transcribed, transfer, transfered, transferred

transferring, transfers, transform, transformed, transforming

transforms, transgressed, translate, translated, translates

translating, transmit, transmits, transmitted, transmitting

transmuted, transpirating, transpired, transpiring, transplant

transplanted, transplanting, transport, transported, transporting

transports, transposed, trapped, trapping, traps

travel, traveled, traveling, travelled, travelling

travels, traverse, traversed, traversing, travesty

tread, treading, treasured, treat, treated

treating, treats, trekked, tremble, trembled

trembles, trembling, trespassed, tricked, trickling

tried, tries, trifling, trigger, triggered

trilled, trim, trimmed, trimming, trip

tripled, tripped, tripping, triumph, trot

trotted, trouble, troubled, troubling, truck

trucked, trucking, trudged, trump, trumpet

truncated, trundling, trust, trusted, trusteth

trusting, trusts, try, tryin, trying

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