Verbs that start with ov

Here is a list of verbs that start with OV.

overbearing, overburden, overburdened, overcame, overcast

overcome, overcomes, overcoming, overcooked, overcooled

overcrowded, overdeveloped, overdoing, overdone, overdriving

overeat, overeating, overemphasized, overestimated, overestimates

overexcited, overexploited, overexpose, overfeed, overfill

overflowed, overflowing, overgrazing, overgrown, overhaul

overhauling, overheard, overhearing, overheat, overheated

overindulged, overlaid, overlap, overlapped, overlapping

overlaps, overlay, overload, overloaded, overlook

overlooked, overlooking, overlooks, overlying, overpaid

overplayed, overpopulated, overpowered, overpowering, overpowers

overpriced, overran, overrated, overreach, overreached

overreaches, overridden, override, overriding, overrode

overrun, overshadow, overshadowed, overshoots, overshot

oversimplified, overstepping, overstraining, oversubscribed, overtake

overtaken, overtaxed, overthrow, overthrown, overtook

overturned, overturning, overwhelm, overwhelmed, overworked


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