Verbs that start with im

Here is a list of verbs that start with IM.

imagine, imagined, imagines, imagining, imbedded

imbibe, imbibed, imbruing, imbued, imitate

imitated, imitates, imitating, immersed, immortalized

impacted, impair, impaired, impaled, impaling

impart, imparted, imparts, impeded, impelled

impelling, impending, imperil, imperiled, imperilled

impersonalized, impersonated, impersonates, impinge, impinging

implanted, implement, implemented, implementing, implicated

implied, implies, implore, implored, imploring

imply, implying, import, imported, imports

impose, imposed, imposes, imposing, imprecates

impress, impressed, impresses, impressing, imprint

imprinted, imprisoned, imprisons, improve, improved

improves, improving, improvise, improvised, improvises

impute, imputed

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