Verbs that start with gr

Here is a list of verbs that start with GR.

grab, grabbed, grabbing, graced, graded

grading, graduate, graduated, graduates, graduating

grant, granted, granting, graphed, grapple

grappled, grappling, grasp, grasped, grasping

grassed, grated, gratified, gratify, gratifying

graunt, grayed, graying, graze, grazed

grazing, greased, greening, greet, greeted

greeting, grew, greying, grieving, grill

grilled, grimace, grimaced, grimed, grin

grind, grinding, grinds, grinned, grinning

grip, gripped, gripping, groaned, groaning

grok, grokked, grokking, groomed, grooming

grooved, grope, groped, groping, ground

grounded, grounding, group, grouped, grouping

grovel, groveling, grow, growing, growled

growling, grown, grows, grumble, grumbled

grumbling, grunt, grunted, grunting, gruonded

Hope you enjoy this page of verbs that start with gr and the rest of this verb list site as well.

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